Sunday, August 12, 2007

A few pages...

I haven't posted pages in awhile.. here are a few
recent one's.

***Here is Adie the first 2.5 months of her life.. a lot of screaming! She's going to hate me for this page later in life. Hey, it was the truth. She was a very angry newborn. (I think if you double click on the picture, you'll be able to read the journaling)

***Here is a page about how it took 6 months to conceive little miss Adelyn. This one is dear to my heart.,. those were some trying months. Now that she is here.. I can't imagine any other baby being in our lives. Excuse my bluntness, but the exact spermy and egg had to meet to make our sweet, sweet Adie. Praise Jesus for His timing! If we would have gotten PG any earlier, we wouldn't have our Adie.

***Here is a page about Papa Replogle (my dad) and Grandma Kathy (Darin's mom) meeting Adie for the first time. =)

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Here's a page done with this month's Serendipity kit! Love this new picture of my family. =)

A page for Adie's baby book. We forgot to get a sign in page ready for all her visitors at the hospital (since she came shooting out 3 weeks early) so I took pictures of some of her visitors and then listed the rest on the page. I like how it turned out!

Another August Serendipity page. It's another for her baby book which talks about her bili blanket for her jaundice. We called her our little glowworm. We never lost her in the dark, that's for sure!

So yeah, thanks for checking out some of my recent pages!!!
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rev said...

awesome pages girl, i totally love the CRY page. haha. we all know that. well... not for 6 whole weeks though :0

Jill said...

oh my goodness, the drama page is my FAVORITE!! reminds me of my drama girl when she was a baby. lovin' all the pink on the pages too :)

Kat said...

love love love all the pages!!!! so cute. so impressed that you find time to scrapbook! i'm jealous..........
um- and she got a tooth at 5 weeks??? how'd i miss that? thats insane. i swear jessica has been teething since she was 2 months old, still no tooth..........

RACHEL =) said...

Oooh, I LOVE these pages!!
So so gorgeous!
Look at that little Adie, awwww!!
I can't see the last 3 though for some reason :(
So glad you've been scrapping!!
I'm jealous, hahah :P

Scott and Amy Augustine said...

DARCY - love these pages! I need to pick up scrapbooking one of these days. Maybe I can come down and visit and you can give me some lessons???