Friday, August 10, 2007

Adie's Sabatical.

So, Adie took a sabatical.


From pooping.

Last week she went 8 days without dropping the kids off at the pool and this week she went 5 days without taking the Brown's to the Superbowl. She must have given up pooping for Lent or something. But she poohed today so we are COOL in the pooping department.

Did you ever thing my blog would become the place I update you all about Adie's pooping schedule? Hey, it's a big thing around here. We prayed for it every night before she went to bed. =) Praise the Lord her pooper works. =) All is good.

My new camera came in today! So conveniently is Adie's 3 month birthday as well. Darin's deal with me and the new camera was that I now take Adie's (normally) professional pictures at home. So we started today. And this is what we came up with...

This was the second dress change and getting awfully close to nap time. Mommy isn't the smartest picture taker. =/

Here's one that came out pretty well!

we will take more 3 month pictures tomorrow. Hopefully mommy will know her camera a tad more tomorrow. Not a chance....

I was going to post recent pages I have done but blogger is running extremely SLOW right now. Sorry.. I'm sure you all are in suspense! HA!


Kat said...

oh believe me- i feel ya on the poop thing! its ridiculous how obsessed mommies get with their babies poops!
LOVE the pictures. it looks like she's getting little curls on top! how cute!!!!

rev said...

yep. the poop thing can drive you crazy.... and isn't she the cutest crying her little longs out??
have fun with you new cam sweets!

Coran said...

HAHAHAHA! That's funny! We were praying for Sophie to poop too! I think her longest stretch was 7 days.
Cute pictures! :D

Jill said...

she looks like her DADDY in that 2nd picture!!! look at those big blue eyes :)

Half Pint said...

Funny how before having a baby you think about how gross changing a poopie diaper is and afterwards you pray for it to happen!

I love Adie's blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looks like an Angel!