Monday, August 27, 2007

Kinda scary...

Saturday night Darin and I attending his 10 year class reunion.

The scary part is not that Darin's been out of high school for 10 years, but that two complete strangers (to me) from Darin's class came up to me and told me that they read my blog. They commented on how pretty our house is and how crazy cute our baby is. Made me totally realize that all kinds of people read this blog that I have NO clue in who they are. I talk about crazy Target people that want to steal my baby, Adie's pooping sabatical, Darin's talents of killing flies and mice with body parts and other important matters. Kinda made me want to be on my best behavior.

You know, be prim and proper.

Talk about important things.

Use correct and easy to read English.

I really thought about it and decided....

No thanks! I will blog on as usual with run on sentances, bad spelling (I totally saw that I typed "sentances" wrong and kept it to prove my spelling horribleness) Adie's pooping schedule and other randomities. Yep, and I will totally include my normal made up words like randomities too. Just because I'm Darcy and I roll like that.

So, "HELLO" to the couple of people I met at the Fairfield 97' class reunion! Read on, read on and laugh at the big ol' doof Darin married. =)

Scary part #2 about Darin's reunion was that my big brother Greggy was at the same reunion. You see, Greg married Darin's best friend, Natalie. So my bro and I were at the same reunion with our spouses. HA! We kinda felt wiskey tango. (Code for white trash.) We didn't even go to that high school so that's a fun bit o' information as well.

Scary piece of information #3.. next year is my 10 year class reunion. Eh. That's all I have to say about that. Time is moving way to fastly!

Okay, I am making up way too many words in this post.. I will stop now. Cuz I'm kinda driving myself nuts.

I will leave you with that cutie head baby of mine... wearing a shirt that totally states the obvious...

Oh, and those of you that know of Darin's recent shift in job department, we have a HOUSE!! (An additional house besides the one we own to flip, that is.) I will post more about our recent changes in the next post. Just wanted to let those of you know that know about our recent endevers that WE HAVE A HOUSE!! The madness begins...
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rev said...

pfff you scared me there for a moment... thinking Darcy might quit blogging the way she does. don't you dare sweetness. keep it on. i need my laughs :)
and look at the pretty cutie head. love her chubby arms. cuteness all over. do i see a little dimple there??
o and congrats on the house? Fill me in girl?

Alison said...

I totally understand about random people reading the blog- T's long time high school girlfriend reads ours. But I put it out there so I guess I can't complain to much.

The little one is the cutest!!! Love her!

Jill said...

glad you're planning to keep blogging as yourself =) love ya as you are, Darce!!! esp. your made up words ;)

those are some cute chubby arms on your girl! i'm loving that chocolate brown on her, so cute!!

Kat said...

first off- your daughter is a totally cutie, especially love the little blond tuff of hair!!!!
um, crazy scray about the randoms that read your blog. i don't think too many people read mine, but i guess you never know. and LOVE your whiskey tango code word, made me lol!!!!

Erin said...

That is too funny, Darcy!!

Ben Carpenter said...

And I will proudly admit that I was that random person from Darin's high school! It was a pleasure meeting you and I will continue to monitor your life from afar, mainly to get updates on Darin though :)

Jodi said...

Hi Darcy! I am one of those lurkers. I have no idea how I came about your site but I have been following your cute family for months (I know...kindof creepy but I promise...I am not a stalker!) Your honest, down-to-earth humor keeps me coming back. I really enjoy your blog :)