Monday, August 20, 2007

A tear ran down my cheek...

as my daughter lay on her blanket, kicking like a mad woman, WATCHING GYMNASTICS ON TV.

Sniff, sniff.. I have never been so proud. Never in my life.

She watched for 35 minutes. She doesn't do ANYTHING for 35 minutes.. not even nap. But she watched gymnastics. Dreamed about her future. Memorized every routine. Pointed her toes. Squeezed her hiney. Chalked up. Took note at the cute leotards. Was in complete awe.

Wait. That was me doing all those things.

But SERIOUSLY. She totally digged the gymnastics. She needs to because when gymnastics season starts, she will be at the gym all the time. In her exersaucer.. sitting all cute as the girls and mommy practice. I can't wait!

AND someone is getting way too big.

Yep, she's in her exersaucer now. Sniff, sniff. My tiny baby is getting so big. Fun toys all around her.. things bouncing, a seat that turns all the way around, a steering wheek, lights.. and my daughter looks at the ceiling fan. Oh yes, looked at the fan like she'd never seen one before. =/

Time for yet another cute picture! My cutie-head baby with her big ol' blue eyes, sitting up on her elbows like a big girl, laying on her belly even though she hates it... so I grab my camera...

And she pukes. All over her face and blanket. Only a mother would look at this picture.. puke and all.. and totally fall in love all over again.
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Wendy Bretz said...

awwww Darcy :)
how sweet!

Half Pint said...

She has got THE most beautiful blue eyes!! Soon she'll be wanting to tumble with the girls and not just hanging out and observing...eek!

erika said...

you seriously crack me up!
have i mentioned...she is ADORABLE?! oh yeah, i have ;)

Scott and Amy Augustine said...

Nope...I'm not a mother (YET) and I'm still in love with that little cutie! You're right though...I don't exactly like the puke part just yet. I'm sure it will be no big deal someday. LOVE that she's already a gymnast in training! :)

Erin said...

Hee hee! Yep, puke and all, you love them. :)

rev said...

Darcy! she looks sooo wise. what a cute little pumpkin you have! o, and i would rather look at the fan if i sat in a chair like that, haha!

Kat said...

soo funny! she's totally going to be a little gymnast! such cute pictures- she's getting so big!!

Jill said...

aww! a little gymnast in training!!! yeah, she's adorable there even with the little bit of puke :)

RACHEL =) said...

LOL, how cute is she?!?!
SO glad she enjoyed watching that!!
And she is getting SO BIG!!!
My gosh, she has changed!
She's even more beautiful, wow!!
Darce, I am just sooo happy for you guys!
Hitting all these fun milestones is so exciting, isn't it?!?! :)

amber said...

I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating. She is gorgeous. Love those big blue eyes! And the fact that she's a future gymnast. ;)

jenscaleshr said...

She's beautiful - puke or no puke!