Monday, September 17, 2007

She's a SOLID roller!

Okay, so the blog title is about Adie adding some solids to her diet and she just started to ROLL!

She started some rice cereal last week on her 4 month birthday. We asked the Dr. about it and he said it as totally optional from 4-6 months. So we tried it out to see if it would help her sleep through the night. She was sleeping through the night so well and then went through a 2 week period where she started waking up at about 3am hungry. She LOVED the cereal. And it's helped her sleep so we have a little cereal snack every night now. Ah.. my baby is growing up!

And today she rolled over. I think it was mostly because she hates to be on her belly.

Oh yes.... I got roll #2 on the camera.

Here she is... hating her belly.

And she's going... notice how she doesn't take her eye off the camera. She is sooooo my child.

But she has cleavage. Soooooo not my child!
And she's getting mad.. still rolling, though.
And her roll is finished. Madder han a hornet. =) For those of you whom have met Miss Adie know that she's a tad fussy. She's getting better, but still fussy. (Right Kayla Aimee & aunt Denise & aunt Natalie?)
But yeah, she's rolling! So I have a feeling I'm going to put her on her belly one of these days, walk out of the room and come back to find her under the couch. The days of putting her on the floor and knowing she will be exactly where I left her are over! I don't know if I am excited or really not ready for mobile Adie!
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Rebekah said...

yeah for adie! and love the series of photos! :) she's so cute...even when she's mad!!!

rev said...

those pictures are soooo cool Darcy! And hey, get used to it, because this is only the beginning gna gna :)


Erin said...

That's so awesome! I got Emma to roll over by doing the same thing, she too hated her being on her stomach! I love the pictures you got!

Dina said...

Are you so jealous of your daughter's cleavage? hahahaha! That cracked me up. Love ya!

island girl said...

awww...she is getting sooo big!!

amber said...

Cannot believe she is that big already. It goes so fast! The cleavage cracked me up. Too funny!

Half Pint said...

I love that you got the whole roll on film! Let's hope she doesn't roll too far : )

Nichole said...

she is adorable even when she is screaming. It is amazing how fast they grow.

Kat said...

so cute! i love the progession (sp??) pictures! and your all is hilarious!!!