Monday, September 24, 2007

Garage sales, Kindra and the Heart Shelves

I know... not a great title. I was at a loss for what to name this random post so you got "garage sales, Kindra and heart shelves."
I will explain the title now:
*My dad has been dropping my childhood things off at my house here lately. He's going through the house I grew up in and purging. Going through boxes and boxes of my old stuff I found Kindra. My family is laughing right now because they all know Kindra. Kindra was my "Kid Sister" doll that went everywhere with me. I mean everywhere. I remember when I cut her hair shoulder length and ran to mom crying because I had cut her beautiful hair. Kindra still smiled through it all because frankly, that's the only face she had. Big ol' goofy grin. I remember taking her to the movie theater making her talk to my cousin Brenda whom could think of 346 other things she'd rather be doing than talking to a doll in a movie theater. Yeah, finding Kindra brought up a lot of memories. I asked Darin if I could keep her and he said, "Heck yeah! Let's not tell Adie about any of your dolls and give her them for Christmas and her birthday." So mi familia.. don't tell Adie about Kindra.. she's getting her for her 3rd birthday.
*Look at my adorable nephews with Adie. The Jettster is getting huge and Brayden is going to catch up with big bro Jett in the weight department any day now.
Adie and Brayden are only 3 months apart so they will be in the same class in school. Darin said one of the reason's he wanted a boy first so that the punks our daughter would (try) to date would have to go through a big brother first. Welp, cousin Brayden is going to fill that position. In fact, Darin says that Bray could beat him up right now. =) The 7 month old weighs 20 lbs.. just 7 lbs less than 2 1/2 year old big brother Jett.

*Hanni came over last Thursday night! She doesn't have Internet at home anymore so she can't blog and email much. I hope she's okay with telling you all that she's PREGNANT! Whoo-hooo!!! It was so awesome to see her. I got really excited when she said that her hubby almost took a job in Goshen.. where D and I used to live and now only live 10 minutes away. Didn't work out but man, that would have been fun! She's gunna stay at home with the Baby and everything. Gosh, I love Hanni!!!

*We finally got our pictures up above our staircase! Love how it turned out. We only had one causality.. there was supposed to be another "H" on a frame but it fell and broke.

Dad is so funny about my "H" collection. He always asks me, "An "H" collection? What the "H" are you doing that for?" Dorky.. but so dad. I giggle every time.

*Natalie and another friend and I went to a huge children's clothes "resale". 100 women put all their baby clothes together in one place and we got to shop the excellent deals. I didn't spend over $2 on any given item. We helped set things up the day before so we got to go to the preview sale the night before. Oh my gosh... the excitment. They lined us up in the order that we got to the church. We were so under prepared... women came with empty laundry baskets and empty luggage with wheels. We had nothing. =/ Oh yes, next time we will come prepared laundry basket and all.

*We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. Dad gave Natalie and I everything from his purging at his house and told us that if we sold it, we could keep the mula. Um, DEAL!

And then we realized what we'd gotten ourselves into on about Thursday afternoon when we were sick of going through junk and pricing it. We made it fun, though. We both made enough money that our MOTTT'S (Mother of Tots to Teen's) resale mentioned above was a wash so we were happy. And might I add... I never knew that having a mullet would be a prerequisite for attending our garage sale. I am not kidding when I say we had about 5 men stop by sporting the mullet. Oh well, they bought stuff so I won't complain!
*Side note about the garage sale.. I do believe there was a heart wooden shelf shortage in the world.. my mom had them all! I never noticed them all because they were scattered around our house. When dad took them down and put them all in the same area, oh my gosh there were a lot of heart wooden shelves. Probably 12 and I'm not even kidding. This does not include the heart shaped pie rack, roller pin holder or the other 619 heart trinkets. And the funny thing is that one of the mullet men bought all the shelves. Yep. Asked us to make a deal with him for them all. Natalie was going to ask if his wife enjoyed heart shelves but we didn't see a ring. So mullet man now owns the hugest heart wooden shelf collection in the world. Mom would be happy that they all stayed together as a set.
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amber said...

Loved this post. The title definitely fits! ;) How lucky she is to have big cousins so close in age!
And the kid's clothes sale sounds like fun! Love getting a good deal like that.

Erin said...

LOVE your wall with your pictures and H's. Looks fantastic!

Jill said...

oh my, the mulletts crack me up. mullet man & the heart shelves, LOL. i can hear the 'kid sister' and 'my buddy' songs in my head now. fun post :)

Jill said...

oh, and i LOVE your wall with the h's!! beautiful, Darce :)

Kat said...

such a funny post!
love the pictures with her cousins! looks like they'll defiently be able to handle any punks ;)