Thursday, December 06, 2007

Um, could someone please wipe my nose, please?

So, Adie is either fighting a little cold or teething. How do I know this? Um, take a look at this picture...

The girl has some massive snot. She sneezed the other day and this is what came pouring out her nose...
And Darin and I laughed so hard we were crying. Yeah, she just gave us the above look like, "Guys. Seriously. I'm eating my snot here. It's about to roll into one of my chins. Could someone help me out?"

And I'm pretty sure I need to market this. The baby basket. Yes, a simple laundry basket with a pillow behind and all the necessary toys to entertain Adie Grace. I could make millions like that Bumbo thing we never bought. Wait, it RECALLED BECAUSE IF LEFT UNATTENDED THE BABY COULD TIP OVER. Um, do ya think? Anywho, I just scoot this basket to whatever room I am in and I have a happy baby. The girl loves a good scoot around the house.
Guess who is on all 4's swaying!!!???? Our life is about to change drastically when missy-who-ha starts crawling around. SHe goes through dadddy crawling boot camp almost daily. Look how onery she looks.. she knows she cool. And cute. And silly. And cute. Wait, I already said that. =)
AND I have a job! Yep. Tuesday morning's at a chiropractic office. (Geez I hope I spelled "chiropractic" right.. guess I better learn to spell it before I start on Tuesday.) Four hours a week. I'll just answer phones and book appointments and such. And give x-rays.. and put hot towels on patients. Cool stuff. Adie will be staying at aunt Natalie's and on Wednesday mornings Jett and Brayden will come and stay with us as Natalie goes to the office and work. Pretty cool set-up if you ask me!!
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Jessica F said...

Congrats on the job! That is exciting. I used to do a similar role at a dentist and orthodontist office. Enjoy it!

rev said...

wow!! Cannot believe how fast Adie is going!! sitting up, almost crawling. That girl is fast (Sanne was also). Ruben is more like "taking it eassssssssssssy". Why roll over if somebody hand you everything? and that Somebody is your big sis, who'll do anything for you? haha. Well i'm okay with that. It goes fast enough anyways :D

and she's so cute Darcy!! love the snot picture. And how cool you guys call snot snot also :)

congrats on the job girl! it will be so different to be out of the house, out of the snot and pooh. and real good set up to change kids :).

have fun Tuesday. And watch those hot towels girl. i know you ;p don't burn anybody please :O


Andrew and Denise said...

She is getting so big. Gavin sneezes and does that when he is swaddled. I feel so bad becuase there is no way he can not swallow it with his hands down. He also gets up on all fours but won't roll over. Go figure he will probably crawl before he rolls over. Drew on the other hand rolls over immediately after putting him on his belly. Maybe he needs Darin's crawling bootcamp. I can't wait until they get to play together! I wish you lived closer too. LAMY!

Kat said...

love the runny nose picturs! so funny. and oh goodness, once she gets a movin life gets even crazier (if you could imagine............)
congrats on the new job! perfect set up!
oh, and can i mention that you have such a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!!