Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yeah, it freaks me out too

This totally freaks me out. Yes, you are looking at the picture correctly. That is a ceiling fan in the right of the pictures. This means that my baby is upside down. In her car seat. Oh, but "she's strapped in" Darin Jay tells me. Eh.

Lately she gets super mad when we have to put her in her seat. She arches and whines cuz she'd rather be on the go than be strapped in a seat. (I don't blame her) So Darin gets this master idea of making car seat time fun. Good idea!

That's where the flipping upside down thing comes in.
She gets in her seat and starts to wiggle out of joy now. She knows what's coming. Her own personal Adie roller coaster.
This is the part of motherhood that you just have to let daddy do his thing. So I will.

But I won't lie to you and tell you that it doesn't make me nervous every time. Eh.
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Niki G said...

She is so cute! Her little outfits are so cute and I'm totally looking for her shoes in my size ;) It's so cute to picture her getting all excited now when she's in her carseat!! Good idea on making it fun time, but I can totally see the nervous part!

Kat said...

that would def give me a heart attack! i get nervous when people lift her above their heads. but at least you know that the carseat works!
such cute pictures, love the ones in the post below, too. i've heard of babies who have actually latched on through a shirt! and wait till adie is old enough to start pulling at your shirt. yeah, thats fun.....

Dina said...

Too fun! At least you know that the car seat is doing its job in the car! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

that is too funny Darcy! can't wait to see the pages you produce, and good to know that car seat is flawless! ha!

Erin said...

Totally something Michael would do!

Jen Higgins said...

She's so cute, love those big blue eyes! You're right, sometimes you've just gotta let daddies do their thing, we mommies can be a bit over-protective;) One thing I noticed though, is that the moveable buckle thingy, the part that's all black (gee, I sound like I know what I'm talking about!) is down by her diaper. It's actually suppose to be at her arm pit level to prevent whiplash and other injury in case of an accident. I found this out from my Dr. when my 4 year old was a baby.

Alison said...

The things parents do to make their babies happy. :) I love how excited Darin looks- just as excited as Adie. Too cute!

rev said...

hahaha, welcom to motherhood my sweetheart.... just remember it must be a good thing daddy's do this kind of stupid stuff. there must be right? why are there daddy's anyway? okay. yep. you need them in the first place, i know i know. but than again? what else? haha.

but those pictures are too cute for words!! he SOOOO loves his little girl!