Friday, January 04, 2008

It was a tasty Christmas & New Year's...

So my Adie is a taster. We knew she put everything in her mouth before, but looking at Christmast pictures capturing our exchanges and such, we have an oral girl on our hands. I thought I would do our Christmas update by showing you all things my Adie girl put in her mouth.

The first is our exchange with Papa Denny, grandma Susie, and Greg & Natalie and the boys. Yum... wrapping paper...

ooooo.. MORE wrapping paper!!! Hand rattles, a new hat, the coolest Noah's Ark ever, a new outfit, a See and Say.. you really shouldn't have gotten me this paper!

Bows are awfully tasty as well.

And YUMMY tasting in the pack-in-play while we were at Friendenswald! (Darin's mom's side of the family cabin in Michigan shin-dig)

Thanks mom and dad!! Books are for eating, right?
Cousin Chloe, have you ever tasted your finger? It's AWESOME!!!

Great Grandma Holsopple.. this Raggedy Annie is some fine cuisine!!!

Another tasty event.. my blog best friend's wedding, Jes. =) It was on New Year's Eve and was a BLAST!!!

Yumo food but even cooler to be at your wedding. We cut a rug, that's for sure. We danced for an hour and a half and made FOOLS of ourselves and the funniest part was that we were stone sober.

Love ya and hope that your "El Natural" honeymoon was fun! (Okay, this totally cracks me up... they booked their honeymoon in Jamaica and the re-read some of their hotel's pamflets. The pamflets kept talking about restaurants and such that were "All Natural". Sadly, they weren't talking about healthy eating.. yeah, most of the resort is a nudity resort. Only Jes would book a nudity honeymoon and not even know it. HA!!!)

SO yeah, we had a great Christmas and New Year's. I hope your all's was great too!!!

Last but not least, a big ol' "HELLO" to our new reader, Adam. =) We miss you!!!


Kat said...

i could only see half the pictures, for some reason- but soooooo cute! yes, books and raggedy anne dolls are some fine cuisine ;)
love that your friend booked a honeymoon at a nudie resort!! lol

Jill said...

oh my gosh, the 'el natural' honeymoon cracks me up! i hope it wasn't too bad for them!!

i can't see the first 4 pictures, but the rest of Adie tasting things are so funny. the cousin's finger too! glad ya had a good Christmas :)

Lisa Dickinson said...

Looks like the whole Holsopple family had a wonderful holiday! I am dying at the All Natural Honeymoon - I guess that's the one vacation you could get away with that, huh?

Erin said...

LOL! My favorite has got to be her licking the pack and play! Hahaha!