Friday, January 25, 2008

So today I became wife of the year...

in Darin's eyes. =)

So I'm a baker. I love to bake. Darin has a continual stock of cookies in the freezer at all times. He has about 2-4 every day. He has a ritual where after lunch and dinner, he drinks all his water, heads for the frig to grab the milk and then heads to the freezer for his cookies. I'm pretty sure in our vows I should have added,

"I Darcy, take you Darin as my husband...I vow to love you even though you make little dots on the mirror because of how you spastically flip your hands around after you wash your love and cherish you and always know where your keys and wallet are because you will not... and you will have cookies all the days of our lives."

The boy also loves cinnamon rolls. His grandma's and mom make THE BEST cinnamon rolls. I have always wanted to make him cinnamon rolls but was a tad intimidated. I've never made them for him. Always stuck to the cookie making.

Until today.

January 25th, 2008.... the day I became wife of the year.

Oh yeah, I made those. CINNAMON ROLLS!! In my grandma Sheet's pan. I'm sure she'd be proud...

And I have one happy husband..

Until he tried the first bite and said, "These are horrible... I think you need to make them again until you get it right." This was like the time I took my apple crisp to a gathering and he was secretly telling everyone that it was horrible and they totally shouldn't eat it. He wanted leftovers to take home. Silly boy.

So yeah.. I conquered the cinnamon roll making!!! I totally feel June Clever-esque right now. =)

And can't do a post without my Adie girl!!! Here's a recent one of the both of us. She kinda looks like a boy cuz you can't see the flowers embroidered on her bibs.

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Alison said...

Congratulations! I love to bake too- are you going to share the recipe or is it a secret???

Love the picture of you and Adie- you both are so beautiful! :)

Lisa Dickinson said...

you domestic goddess you! The closest I've come to those is cracking open a can of Pillsbury cinnarolls! :) And yeah, you must share the recipe, June! :P


rev said...

mmmm i'm on a diet so how cool it is, me drooling over the laptop over your cinamon rolls... mmmmm can you just send some to Holland? and the pic of you & adie is just pure gorgeous. you 2 are so beautiful!!


Kat said...

um, YUMMY! i want some cinnamin rolls! love tha pic of him eating them, he looks so happy!
and the one of you and adie, so cute!

Nichole said...

This is too funny. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious.

Oh and I love the vows. It is amazing what we think of to vow after we have lived with our husband.

island girl said... Darcy!! Those are some huge cinni rolls too!!

and Adie is getting sooooo big!! just look at that happy smile on her!

Jill said...

aww, i love that picture of you two smiling :) she's such a cutie. good for you taking on the challenge of making those cinnamon rolls! they look so yummy :)

lisa garay said...

hi darcy!
did you save me any cinnamon rolls?

your gonna want to make me some more when i tell you that you won the RAK on my blog ;)

e-mail me at

have a wonderful weekend, sweets!

gabbyfek said...

she SO does not look like a boy, darce! she is just the cutest... love that little peanut girl...
it's mean to show the laaaaaaarge sweet-craving preggo lady those cinnamon rolls. yum yum YUM.