Friday, February 01, 2008

"Bitter" Biscuits

So today I went grocery shopping.
Went down the baby isle for but wipes and diapers and checked out the food. I saw "biter biscuits" and seriously wondered why a baby would like a BITTER biscuit? I so can't read. I thought they were bitter, not BITER biscuits. Figured bitter things must be good for teeth. Darin pointed it out to me later that I was saying it wrong.. anyways, we gave her one while we were eating lunch. Darin told her mommy was giving her raw hide like a doggie.

Then he told her it looked like she was eating a turd.
She didn't care!! That biter biscuit must not have been too bitter because she thought it was YUMMY!!!!
She's such a cheese monster. She seriously saw me get the camera out, turned towards me and took the above picture. The girl loves the camera, that's for sure! Loves cameras and bitter biscuits. =)
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rev said...

hahaha, you silly you. bitter biscuits. sure. for baby's. haha. anyway, she's adorable with the biscuit face. love beeb's eating biscuits :D

jenscaleshr said...

She already knows that Mommy is a scrapper!! What a beauty she is!

jenscaleshr said...

(oh - I always thought they were bitter biscuits too)

Erin said...

bitter...biter...what's the difference, hahaha. Glad she liked them. Ugh, the mess they make though!

Beth said...

She is so cute!

Jill said...

haha, that sounds like classic Darcy to me ;) i cannot believe Adie's old enough to be eating those!!

Kat said...

that pictures is awesome!!! she's so cute!!!
love your story on the bitter bisquits ;)