Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Darin Jay!!!

Okay, so we are one day early but Adelyn and I wanted to tell Darin Jay


Tomorrow is a big day with church, lunch with grandma (and hopefully Eric, Liz and Chloe) and then small group at night. No time to blog, so Adie and I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the coolest daddy and hubby in the entire world!!! Happy 29th, sweetie!!! (I know.. in your head it's the 3rd time you've turned 26!!! Total inside joke...)

Here's a page I did for the birthday boy... the new song by Stephen Curtis Chapman, Cinderella, makes me sob so hard I hiccup.


I usually don't to lyric pages, but this one totally fit the recent pictures I took for Adie's 9 month marker.

Those two together are seriously the sweetest thing ever. They are best buds.

And this is a recent page I did as well that has to do with my Darin Jay and how thankful I am for him and his relationship with Jesus.

Journaling reads: Today something at MOTTT'S really struck me. We talked about gratitude. Pat read a poem about being thankful for laundry because it means your family has clothes... be thankful for dishes because it means your family just ate and so on. Today I came home and saw the blanket laying on the couch. Usually I would think to myself, "Every day I fold and put away this blanket for Darin. Why can't he see the mess he left and pick up after himself?" But today the unfolded blanket took on a new light. It makes me thankful that mom made the blanket for me before she passed away and now Darin gets to cuddle with something she made. It makes me thankful that we own a home and the picture window above him is just a bonus! Most importantly, that unfolded blanket means that my husband is waking up early every morning to dig into God's word and spend alone time with Him. I will never ever grumble about folding the blanket again. February 14th, 2008"

Happy 26th birthday to the third, sweetie-head!!! We love you!!!
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rev said...

huge congrats to the sweetie-head :D, and that page about Cinderella song is soooooo beautiful Darcy!! seriously. Those pictures almost make me cry :D
hugs & kisses,

Nichole said...

wow darce. love the journaling on the blanket page...seriously needed that reminder today.

Happy bday to Darin too.

Kat said...

LOVE the cinderella page! i just emailed you saying i couldnt' wait to see it. soooo perfect for those pictures. love love love!
and love the journaling on the second layout. awesome
happy birhthday darin!

Niki G said...

Happy Birthday, Darin!! I love your scrappy pages are so talented!! Have fun babysitting today!! :)

Jill said...

cute picture of daddy & daughter :) hope he had a happy birthday!! love those pages. i've heard that Cinderella song now and oh my gosh it makes me so teary too!!

Alison said...

Happy birthday Darin! Love the pages- you are so very talented. And thank you for the new prespective on cleaning up after the that.