Friday, April 04, 2008

Pant-less Adie Grace...

So today I knew I wanted to blog. Cuz it was time. But I didn't know what to blog about.
Until I walked into Adie's room after her afternoon nap today to find this...

My proud Adie smiling from ear to ear.. with her socks and pants on the ground by her crib.

Aparently she knows how to take her pants off now. I knew she loved to take her socks off but taking her pants off adds a whole new dimension.
I was laughing so hard.
She was smiling all proud.

Maybe she just knows that her chub-o legs are ridiculously cute and needed to show them off.

I'm not sure what daddy will think about his sweet baby girl stripping her pants off. I'm sure this picture will make him laugh!!!
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rev said...

yep. she's way to smart for her age. way to smart. i wish you good luck for the next 18 years. ha.

Jill said...

hee hee, how fun!!! she does look so very proud of herself!

love the angel wings in your previous post too :)

-erin m said...

Just browsed through your "playing photographer" slideshow. You are quite the talented shutterbug! Very cute pics :)

Rebekah said...

she is so adorable! :) love that big grin!

Kat said...

love it!!!! she's so cute! wait till she figures out how to take off her diaper......... ;)