Tuesday, April 01, 2008

She's got wings!!!!

Couldn't think of a clever title.. could you tell?

I purchased and made my first photography prop! I've always used things I already have so this was the first thing I purchased just for photography. The wings were at our Children's Resale we went to on Friday night. I'm sure my friends thought I was nutso for buying them because they were originally so cheesey... underneath the 2 bags of feathers there lies "dress up" wings. Tolle and sequence.. pink, of course... so pretty. =/ Bought it for $1 at the Resale and got 2 bags of feathers from Walmart today.. a big $.96 investment. Glued those babies on and wa-la... we got wings for $3!

Adie is going to show them off for you... back view.. (didn't have them strapped on enough so they are at an angle.. just tilt your head slightly and they will be straight!)

Side view...
And the front view. Again, crooked. And she's wondering what in sam-hill is on her back. =/

So yeah!! Our first prop!!!

ETA: Niki and Alison have commented on Adie's skirt. Yeah, totally Resale find. $3. Lovely.


No green clip found yet. I've been through 6 diapers and haven't found anything. So HOPEFULLY this means that she didn't eat it. Thank you all for being concerned!

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*~Niki G~* said...

YEA!! Those wings are so cute and I'm loving her denim skirt ;) I think the clippy is long gone and NOT in her tummy!! I'm sending the positive vibes!!

Alison said...

ADORABLE! I'm with Niki- the skirt is super cute too! And yay for no clippy in poo!

Erin said...

Very cute, Darce!

Jeni said...

First of all this post at 4:30 am! wow.. and those wings are adorable on Adie

Kat said...

love the crooked wings! so cute!!! yes, jean skirts are a must!!!
and i bet she didn't eat the clippy. you'll find it in like a year in the most random spot ever.
can't wait to see what you do with the wings!

rev said...

look at the hot chica with that jeans skirt! awww cool! and LOVE your money saving creativity girl. SUCH COOL WINGS.
AND THANKS for the sweet sweet uber cool card. LOVE IT!!

Susan said...

the wings are SO fun! i love them!!!!! :)