Thursday, April 17, 2008

she works hard for the money...

so hard for the money!!

I realized that I've been doing so many short lil' blogs about what Adie's been doing lately.. I haven't updated everyone on what our family has been doing! So yeah.. we'll go through a run down here...

***The biggest news is that I'm going back to work! Well, only for 6 weeks (+ a transition week of a couple hours a day just to refresh my memory on things). The gal that took my position at work is pregnant and they were in need of someone to replace her while she is on her maternity leave. Sooooo... they asked me if I would like to come back to work for a month and a half. Why sure! Darin was going to get a little side job this summer to help with expenses because money continues to be tight as our flip house has still not sold. But after looking at his schedule:

*2 online courses to fulfill his Special Ed endorsement
*3 speaking engagements at church camps in July (YEAH!!!)
*Football camp in June
*Pole-vaulting camp in June
*2-a-day football practices in August...

Um, that pretty much leaves no time for a summer job. I guess you have to be able to work if you get hired somewhere.. who'd a guessed? Sooooo... this opportunity came up and really, we couldn't turn it down. The gal is due May 15th so secretly I'm praying that she goes later than that because my sister & the boys will be here until the 22nd and Darin doesn't get out of school until the end of May. In order for me not to scramble to find babysitters until Darin's out of school, it would be great if you cross your legs and wait until late May to deliver, Krista! =) JK.. wouldn't wish that on anyone. BUT it's SO EVIDENT that God orchestrated the timing because I won't have to work (much) when my sister is here visiting, Darin can work on his courses when Adie is napping and I should be finished with the maternity leave at the end of June so that Adie and I can accompany Darin to the church camps that he is speaking at! Ah.. God is good. =)

I whipped up a page about how I'm feeling about going back to work. If you double click on it, I believe you can read the journaling. I LOVE staying at home with Adie but man, God couldn't have made it more clear that I need to work these 7 weeks. So yeah, I'm going back into the work force. Please pray that I don't cry every day that I have to leave her. It's temporary.. and I couldn't leave her in better hands with her daddy. =) And I can't wait to see Darin as a stay-at-home daddy. =)

***As I mentioned before, our little flip house hasn't sold yet. Anyone interested in a cutie-patootie house in an amazing school district? We trust it will sell.. just pray it will be soon!

***Darin and I have been so motivated by this season's Biggest Looser show. Darin stepped on the scale Monday and HATED what it read and I have 5 extra lbs from pregnancy that have made their home on my lower back creating fun muffin tops over my pants. No me gusta. With summer coming up and grandma Kathy having a pool at her new house, we're dedicated this week to (majorly) cut back calories and exercise a ton. We're super good at maintaining so we're just doing a week with the huge diet. Darin weighed himself yesterday (after two days of our diet) and was down 8 lbs.
I'm not joking.
I stepped on the scale after two days and I've lost 6 onces.
I'm not joking.
Heck, I had probably just taken a big ol' pooh and there went my 6 onces.

***Planing Adie's 1st year par-tay. I'll show you the invites after they go out in the mail. =)

***Adie's getting her top 2 teeth. Yep, her mouth finally decided to add to her two bottom teeth. She is doing really well with teething... she just sleeps a lot which has been great for mommy getting things done before that maternity leave starts!

***Okay so I've scrapbooked with her added naps too. I will not lie. Here are two more pages to add.
(oh, and if you didn't notice, I add my newly created pages to my slideshow to the left of my blog for your viewing pleasure.)

I really liked how the Cheerleader page came out when I cut around the sillouette of Adie in the pic so I did it for her gymnastics page too. Miss Jeni is the gymnast in the picture with Adie Grace. (check out her blog.. she's new to blogging and is super good at it!)

And my girl loves a good toilet.

Thanks for reading the update on our familia.
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Kat said...

love your journaling on going back to work! such a hard thing to do. but only 6 weeks, you can totally do it!!

Jenny said...

Su familia es muy bonita. I came across your wonderful site whilst I was perusing old scrapbook magazines and tearing out my favorite pages (including yours). Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your great work and send best wishes for you and your beautiful family. FTL, jenny

Scott and Amy Augustine said...

Darcy - I continue to be amazed at how God is making things happen at just the right time in your life! This is perfect for you...spending money, bonding time for daddy and daughter, and all with perfect timing. You are blessed!

Nichole said...

isn't GOD can do it..and he will give you the strength.

I totally understand the schedule thing...and all the stuff running through your head...i have had thoughts like that.

I am so glad that you will have this opportunity though and that GOD IS providing...that house is going to sell too.

Jill said...

hey Darce, what a great opportunity coming your way so you can make some extra $$! Darin will do amazing with Adie, good daddy/daughter time :)

LOVE these pages...your journaling is awesome. and so are the Adie cut-outs on the gymnastics page! i love those bright colors & stars :)

tblevins said...


You will be in my thoughts as you go back to work. At least it's only for 6 weeks....and it'll be good bonding time for Adie and her daddy. :) I love the scrapbook and journaling about your feelings on going back to work. (How long does it take you to do one page, by the way?!? WOW!) I could totally relate. :( Thank goodness for summer break and all the teacher vacation time!

Sorry I haven't e-mailed in awhile. We've been BUSY!!! But, I still check your blog!