Friday, May 16, 2008

Right Stuff

Lotsa "right stuff" going on in my life right now!


***My sister and her boys are still here. =)

Look at my sister's guns! I guess she picks up about 40lbs of babies 100 times a day!
And all the babies are playing super well together.
***The entire family is going to an indoor water park/hotel this weekend for a little get-away! YIPEE!!! I can't wait to use Adie's new swimsuit.. there will be pictures, promise. =)

***We have an ACCEPTED offer on our flip house! Everyone say a little prayer that closing goes well on June 10th.. we are SO pumped to only have one mortgage payment! Total "right stuff".

***This month I became a permanent Design Team member at Serendipity Scrapbook Designs! I was on their team for the 2007 year and was recently asked to be on the permanent team! Look at these gorgeous supplies Milissa just sent out...

And I'm about ready to go down stairs to scrap a few more pages. I know I have a few readers that scrap that may not know about kit clubs..... you gotta get signed up with Serendipity. Her kits are GORGEOUS! You pay a small monthly fee to have gorgeous, matching kits sent directly to your house. Every month. Get to choose from 2 different kit options. Um, how can it get any more "right" than that?

***I've had 2 photo-shoot in the past week!!! (check out my slideshow to the left for new pictures) My business is starting up! WHOAH! So crazy. And Darin said with some of the income from the flip house we'll buy a new camera. Susan's been helping me shop cuz I love her pictures and she's just a plethora of information about camera's! =) We're making a list to present to Darin. =)

***I haven't started working at my old job yet. Which means that I haven't had to find babysitters for Adie (Darin's not out of school until the end of the month) as of yet. Yeah for us, booo for Krista. I am SO SORRY I asked you to hold that little girl in! SORRY!!!

***Adie's fever is gone. Yuck. She had her 1 year shots on Monday and had a fever for two days after. Like 104 degree fevers. Poor thing.. she's been super clingy to me which is fun for mommy but I know she hasn't felt well! =( Boo to shots. =(
***And for the last "right stuff" thing that happened today. New Kids on the Block were on the Today show. Um, total flashbacks to 5th grade. They were belting out "Please Don't Go Girl", "Step by Step", "Hanging Tough" and yes, "Right Stuff". The blog post title. I AM that dorky.
Why did I have to think SUPER hard and then had to do a look up in Adie's baby book the other day as I tried to remember how long Adie was when she was born BUT I could remember every word of every song that NKOTB sang this morning. And could do the dance moves. Something is wrong with me. I'm pretty sure my brother, sister and sil Natalie thought there was something wrong with me too when I called them this a.m. to tell them to run to their TV's to tune into the Today show to watch. My brother was like,
"Darcy, I'm about ready to start up a plane right now."
And then I told him he needed to get his priorities straight.
NKOTB are back together! Flying around big-wigs at the mega-company he works at can wait! SERIOUSLY!


Erin said...

Congrats on the house and the DT position! Woo hoo! I watched NKOTB this morning. It was very...nostalgic, LOL! I was never a big fan but I could sing along with the songs none-the-less!

Linz said...

LOL! You and your NKOTB kick! How funny...I sorta freaked out when I saw them on-but I was right there watching it with ya,Darce;) And congrats on the house offer! I hope your luck spreads this direction too:) That'll be so nice to have that done!

Kat said...

ok, i LOVE that your title was based on a new kids song. awesome. awesome awesome! i'm totally doing the "seat belt" dance right now (do you know that one, or am i just crazy?)

so stoked that yoru photog biz is taking off! i think you're doing an awesome job, and like i've said before, if only i lived closer.....

email me about teh seredepity (sp) kits! love your pages :)

Jill said...

congrats on your house offer!! that's awesome. i hope it goes smoothly :)

love the scrap pages here too! congrats on that position =)

Nichole said...

I am so excited that Darin agreed to the delegation of money to a camera. I am praying your offer goes through without a hitch.

great scrappin stuff. You are one talented lady.

hope you had a blast with your sis.