Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Adie's party was so much fun! We had a big ol' cookout with all her grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, adoptive aunts and buddies. It was such a great time. =)

She was a little confused with the hat...

but knew EXACTLY what to do with her cake. =)

Pretty sure she would have eaten the entire cake if I wouldn't have cut her off. The girl loves her sweets. I don't know WHO she gets it from!??? Daddy but of course. =)

Isn't this cute? The gift all the babies enjoyed was the Leap Frog stand and play toy from uncle Greg and aunt Natalie. They were like hawks when they saw that fun music making madness come out.

So yeah, all in all it was great fun and my baby is growing up!

Just a little bit of an Adie health update... last Friday we had a dr's appointment for her one year check up. After the nurses and Dr measured her head 4 times to make sure they got an accurate measurement, they came to the conclusion that Adie's head size is growing a little too largely. We are going to monitor her head growth for another month and her pediatrician says that if it grows more than a quarter of an inch he will order a CT scan to make sure there are no growths or liquid on her brain. She shows no developmental delays and doesn't she any signs of having liquid on her brain... they just aren't happy with how fast her head is growing. So yeah, if you all could shout out a prayer to the Big JC, we would much appreciate it. If we have to do a CT scan in a month, I'm pretty sure they'll find the healthiest, smartest brain that a one year old ever possessed. Yep. Thanks, guys. =)

Love that she hates to crawl in the grass... makes for good (not moving) pictures. =)

And don't let her fool you.. that big ol smile is not for the camera.. it's for daddy standing behind mommy with the camera. She's such a daddy's girl!!

Happy Birthday, Adie Grace!!!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Adie! Emma has that music table and loves it. Of course, these days, she stands on it more than plays it, lol!

Kat said...

soooo much fun!!!!! and yeah, those tables are the coolest thing ever. watch out though, they can eat through batteries ;)
glad she had a fabulous bday party! and i'll defiently keep her in my prayers, but my bet is that she's just so smart and her brain needs more room :)

Dina said...

She is so darn cute! I just want to pinch those cheeks (in a very nice, loving way). Happy Birthday again Adie! Love ya.

erika said...

Adie is one?!?!?...that is crazy!!! :)
She is just the cutest....that last photo...man.
I will keep her in my prayers. My boys had HUGE heads...kid you not. They're just extra smart ;) I'm sure that is the case w/ Adie too. xxxe

Amy Augustine said...

Hi Darce! Adie's head looks perfectly normal to me!! My husband has always had a big head...seriously...his parents still laugh about it. Back when he was little, they did not do any tests or anything like that...they just laughed at him and pinched his cute ginormous cheeks a lot! I am sure Miss Adie is perfectly normal and healthy! The party looks awesome and she gets cuter by the day!

Nichole said...

she is adorable...love that picture...and she is the first this year to attack her cake..congrats adie...you win the big prize.

oh I have no idea what that is.

oh well. glad you had a great day.

Lisa Dickinson said...

i cannot believe it's been a year already - wow! she is such a cute little bundle of baby! just wanna smooch her! :)

Jen Higgins said...

Don't worry about the big head thing. I've known four babies/toddlers in the past couple years who have had big heads and everythign was jsut fine!

Linz said...

How funny that she loved the cake! I've heard of so many stage frights with that...but not with Miss Adie!:) Glad we got to see her when we did!! Her pic in the grass is awesome!

Hailey said...

what a great first birthday it sounds like! and the picture of her in the grass is ADORABLE!!!
I'll be saying a prayer for you too :)

Jill said...

love all the pink!! so girly :) it looks like a fun party. it must be so fun just to sit & watch all the babies! i don't get what's so big about her head, it looks so normal?? and beautiful, of course =)

Colleen Wegener said...

Happy Birthday Adie! She is so beautiful!

I love all of your photos...I'd love for you to photograph Mimi!

You guys are in our prayers.

Ellemieke said...

Congrats on your sweet Adie Grace! Wow, 1 year already, time flies right?
And don't you worry about her head, my girls have big heads too.