Sunday, June 01, 2008

and then I realized...

this blog post is going on the theme, "then I realized." Cuz I've been realizing quite a bit lately.

**Miss Adie had been taking 5 steps and then fell into a crawl for about a month. Friday she walked across the room and hasn't stopped walking since. It is SO fun! I love that she is a walker now.

But then I realized that my baby is getting older. And it makes me a tad sad. This growing up thing is going WAY too fast!

***I started working last Tuesday. Poor Krista finally birthed that baby the Friday before (she was 8 days late). I then became a working mom. Darin wasn't out of school yet this week so I was writing up Adie 101 directions and toting her all over for friends and family to watch her while I was working. Got phone calls at work about her not sleeping, not eating, etc. Tried not to stress as I tried to not to ship things to Abudabi by mistake. (My job gained shipping air frieghts internationally since I worked there)

So yeah,

after this work week, I realized that working moms are the hardest working humans on the planet. And I also realized that there's not much time to blog when one works outside the home and is a mom. Pease excuse the lack of bloggage. =/

***Did quite a bit of garage sale shopping this past weekend. Put some of our stuff in Greg and Natalie's sale. (mostly scrapbooking stuff and old bride's maid dresses and old formals.) I found THE BOMB of a garage sale. Some woman with 2 young girls was selling all her 12-18 month amazing stuff. When I say amazing stuff, I mean Baby Gap and Ralph Lauren stuff. For 50 cents a piece. Yeah. I went to town!

So yeah,

Then I realized that I should have put more of my scrap stuff in Greg and Natalie's sale because it was ALL gone by noon the first day. I had paper for 10 cents and one women bought all 140 pieces. Some hispanic women is now the proud owner of 10 of my brides maid dresses and old formals. And the MAJOR thing I should have realized is that I should have bought EVERY piece of the 50 cent Baby Gap garage sale and turned around and sold it at ours for like $2. Still a steal, just a little bit of a mark up. =/

***Found this cute house at a garage sale for my Adie....

Totally cute you say. But it didn't have little people or furniture to go inside the cute house. They were missing. It's $2 for a house with no accesories. Hmm...

But then I look inside and realize....

Gymnastics is on the TV. Um, SOLD!!! Adie's noah's arc animals have been playing in the accesory-less house since Friday. They prefer the house with gymnastics on the tube instead of the boat. Sorry, Noah. =/

***Last Wednesday Darin Jay and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We watched our wedding DVD and laughed at my sister telling the minister that she didn't have Darin's ring before the ring part in our ceremony and both cried when we saw Jim (Darin's dad) walk down the isle. (He passed away 2.5 years ago) Darin came home with pink roses and left me a sweet, sweet note before he left for work.

I really didn't have to realize because I KNOW I married the most amazing hubby in the world. Perfectly matched and suited for me. Praise Jesus!
***We had been seeing a family doctor with Adie until the big head fiasco. When we decided to get a second opinion we went with a pediatrician. I talked to the dr's office, got the appointment and called Darin with the news.
I said, "Darin... we have an appointment with a pediatrician... his name is Dr. Fu.. like "F-U"."
And then I realized I told my husband to F-off. And I appologized for the vulgarity.

***I FINALLY found a way to store my letters, chipboard and stickers. Found the idea on a blog that was linked off of one of Rita's posts. Oh my goodness. I LOVE it! The supplies were 3 dow rods, 200 washers, 200 paper clips, and 200 mini-clothes pins. I can now flip through my stickers and letters with ease. Have some ribbon on the dow rod too.

And then I realized that Miss Adie Grace can reach the bottom row. And thinks it is the most hilarious thing ever to pull the stickers down. And un-roll every strand of ribbon. I still love my new set-up.. Adie frustrations and all.

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Nichole said...

that set up for the scrappin stuff it is awsome...
way to go Adie on the walking. I had the mental breakdown this weekend that my baby turns 10 months next week. WOW!! Gasping at the 50 cent pieces of Baby Gap clothing...I would have bought it all and I have a boy. hehe:)

Can't wait for this weekends garage sale. I sorted through my extra scrappin stuff too. I was thinkin' 20 cents a sheet. We will see. Last time adrian sold my entire table for like 50 bucks and it was worth more like a hundred. Ooopps. we will see. Enjoy your week.

Kat said...

yay! love the new post :)
love that adie is walking! isn't it the best? so cute. i love babies when they start walking, and when they start running its just pure hysterics (and exhaustion).
i need to go to more garage sales.... craigslist is awesome around here though.
love your sticker set up!!!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up girly! yay for good garage finds and an even bigger yay for good hubbies that bring gorgeous flowers on anniversaries :)

Linz said...

Thanks for the laughs:) Especially the ark animals enjoying the gymnastics on the TV:) Oh what a mind you have, Darce! I love it!! What an entertaining blog!!

Amy Augustine said...

Hi Darce!

Awesome garage sale steals!! And I SOOO agree with the working mom thing. I absolutely couldn't do it (permanently at least). That's why I am waiting to have my kiddos for just a bit longer. I just know I would have a breakdown every day that I had to leave my little one. I plan to "retire" from Corporate America and become full-time mommy in the next 1-1.5 years! Can't wait! Adie is a-dor-able in those Gap duds too!

:) Amy

PS - NKOTB rules!!!

Jill said...

gosh, Adie's hair is looking like it's growing longer, and so beautiful :) LOVE the $2 house, and that GYMNASTICS is on the tv!

Erin said...

LOVE your new sticker storage Darce!