Thursday, June 12, 2008


Randomitities going on in the Holsopple household at the present time:

***Conclusion of the poll:
Darin and I look erie alike in our baby pictures.
Hence, we made a ridiculously adorable baby together.
(Although most peeps said she was a little more closer to a mommy clone... I'll be a good wife and settle for a tie.)

***Grandma Kathy has a poolat her new house! Uncle Eric (darin's bro), Liz and Chloe all came up on Sunday for our first dip in grandma Kathy's new pool. The girls LOVED it!

Daddy and Adie... yes.. Darin is shirtless although his farmer's tan is trying to prove he has a shirt on. Coaching track gives great tan lines. Don't worry.. he got some sun and still today (Thursday) his shoulders are toasty red. Poor guy!

Yes. I planned her bathing suit to match her floaty. I forgot her hat that really put her over the top matchy. I AM that dorky. Come on guys, you've read my blog long enough to know that!

Here's uncle Eric and cousin Chloe!
(I feel like a country bumkin saying "Cousin Chloe"!)

***Check out our deck! It's finally finished!
Darin's goal (um, more like my goal) was to have it finished by Adie's first b-day party but track and taking classes got in the way. We also decided to use wood we already owned which meant Darin had to plane and sand it before he screwed it down. BUT it resulted in a gorgeous wood deck that looks like flooring that should be indoors. For hardly any money. We no longer have a wiskey tango back door that leads to grass!

***We closed on our flip house last Thursday. YIPEE! The couple was so excited to get it.. we drove by the day after they purchased it and there were a ton of cars there and I could see magnets on the frig. They are getting married in September and were so, so happy to get their first house. Our small group prayed all over it for us about a week before we received our offer.. prayer is awesome, I tell ya!

** And SINCE our flip house sold, my Darin Jay held up his promise to get a new camera! My new toy is currently being shipped...

The Canon Digi Rebel XTi.

10.1 megapixels.. a quick shutter.. came with a lens..
I can hardly contain my excitement.

I'm holding onto my old camera for a bit because I have a few photo shoots scheduled. Just want to make sure I am comfortable with it before I sell my old camera. Soon I will be selling it so if anyone is in the market for a really good camera (a Fugi Film, FinePix s700... a step down from an SLR) it's taken amazing pictures and I only had it a year. Just ready to upgrade since the photography side business is in full gear!

***Done some scrapping lately. It had been like a month since I'd gotten to scrap! For Drew and Gavin's (my sister's twins) 1st birthday, I'm giving them a scrapbook of this year. My sister will upload pictures to Walmart, I'll print them here in IN and Denise will email me the journaling. I'll scrap them up and send them the pages! Here is the first one..

I do a page for each of their books. I use the same layout and similar papers so I don't have to think too much. Someone told me about a sort of "production line" to get a ton of pages done so I'm using that philosophy to do theirs since I'll always be doing 2 similar pages. Those pictures are one's I took to get their b-day party invitations. We took 40 some pictures and we ended up picking the first picture we took. Typical! They were so happy and funny!

Here's one for Adie's book. Her first b-day party! And a 2-pager at that!

Seems like I don't scrap 4x6's much anymore.. the little pics are so much fun because I can get a crap-load on a page! Perfect.

***We are also getting quotes on an addition here at our house. SO FUN. I've always loved looking at house plans and dreaming and we're doing that with an addition on our house! Right now our house is 2 bedroom, 1 bath and before baby #2 we would like to be 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Darin also wants to re-roof the roof this summer and he'd like for our addition to be finished before we do that so that he doesn't have to tear up shingling when the addition comes.

***Work is still going well. Today I received an email from Jesus.
Wanting some grain silo's.
Didn't know He was in the market.
Working in an International department always throws some fun names at ya.. even Holy one's. But yeah, enjoying the extra money and Darin and Adie are doing great at home together. Darin's an awesome stay at home daddy and it really makes me appreciate being able to stay at home!!!

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Linz said...

Pool weather is great-and don't worry,Brock is sporting the same silly tan lines too:) Love the summer coaching job! and congrats on the new camera...finally! Maybe we can wait to do Isaac's outdoor when you're ready to use that-and we were also waiting til his head healed from falling off our deck!(oops!)It's almost gone today though!

Andrew and Denise said...

Your deck looks great! So do my boys and Adie! Oh, I posted more on Wal-mart but I guess I have to share them huh? Love and miss you!

Amy Augustine said...

CONGRATS on the new camera, Darce!!! I bet you will have a ton of fun with that! And, miss Adie's little swimsuit is the cutest thing ever!

Lisa Dickinson said...

You crack me up, sweet Darcy!
loving the pages...and congrats on the new camera. i have it and LOOOOOOVE it. Oh, and be sure to tell Jesus hi from me!

Niki G said...

Adie looks so cute in her coordinating swimsuit and floatie!! :) Thanks for the comment on my DAD post....he read it and said he got a little misty-eyed. Tell Darin Happy Father's Day!

Nichole said...

you are funny. there is alot going on in your little household. Love the bit about Jesus wanting a silo. hehehE:)
Great that you are making a book for the boys. Great idea.

HOw exciting that the addition will come and soon. Do I hear ideas for baby number 2? DOnt' want to start any rumors?

Kat said...

i love how adie matches her swim/floaty!!!!! too cute
and love your scrapbook pages. all of them. once again, wish we lived closer so we could scrap together!
and YAY for the digi!!!!! i absolutely love love love mine! but you should keep your point and shoot, too, that way you can have a smaller camera in your bag at all times (believe me, the digi can get a bit bulky when you're just out to dinner or something). thats my advice. but congrats on the new camera!!!!

Erin said...

Okay, that is so funny you coordinated her bathing suit with her float! I love it! LOL!

-erin m said...

OH I hope you LOVE your new canon rebel as much as i ADORE mine!!! Be prepared....i took so many pictures in the past four months that we had to buy an external hard drive to keep my laptop from crashing, as it was running dangerously low on memory! Happy shooting :)