Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So proud...

That is my husband in the blue shorts and striped orange and white shirt wrestling with 3 other dads for a helmet on the stage of our church on Sunday.
He looks like he has one guy in a head-lock.
Note to self: Talk to the hubby about not head-locking said dad's in the Lord's house.
It was the Dadiator competition, of course.. he doesn't roll around with two other grown men on church stages normally. It was a special Sunday. Father's Day, but of course.

Pastor Jim called a tie and they had to play rock, paper, scissors to break the tie.. sadly his rock didn't make it past the round.

We just want to let you know, Darin... my baby's daddy... that we are still proud of you and think you are the bestest daddy in the world. Even though you weren't the top Dadiator at church. You are the top Dadiator in our book!


Erin said...

Too funny!

Nichole said...

ok...daddiator...that is a lot funny. and your baby's daddy comment...has me in stitches.

hope Darin had a great father's day.