Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sick of making the same ol' same ol'...

Planned out our menu for the week the other night and I realized I have totally been making the same dinner's every night for the last 3 years of Darin and I's marriage.


And then I went to a football game on Sat night and a fellow coaches wife told me about a "recipe swap" she did with like 17 of her friends. Um, GENIUS! Soooooo.. blog friends... I want to organize a recipe swap! Looking for super easy, budget friendly dinner recipes!!!

Here are the rules:

*Tell me you want to participate.

*Reply to this blog post and give me your name and email address (I opened it up for annonymous posters to post.. make sure you tell me your name because it posts as "annonymous" and I won't know your name. Captain Obvious here but it's happened before.)

*Tell me you want to participate by this Friday the 27th.

*I'll send out a big ol' email prolly Saturday with the details and when the recipes are due.

*I'll then type them up and email you our very own Blog Recipe Book. =)

Sound fun? SIGN UP!!!

And I know I have some lurkers out there... like my brother Greg's flight scheduler.. I don't even know your name but I know you read! And my 2 MOTTT'S friends that emailed me to tell me that they read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY BLOG POSTS EVER. You guys, I'm really not that interesting! Just kinda dense and write like I talk.

And just for kicks... tell me the last dumb thing you said. I'll go first...

The other week Darin and I went on a walk in the neighborhood we frequently walk in. We walked by a said Cop's house (there is a Cop car there most of the time.. CSI here). Something had been bothering me about this house so I finally told Darin about it...

"That Cop has a beer bottle opener screwed to the side of his door frame. That is the tackiest thing I have ever seen. He's got kids. He's supposed to be fighting crime. Getting drunk drivers off the streets. Grow up!"

And then Darin told me that it was a flag holder.

And now every time we drive by a house that has a flag holder on the side of the door frame, he says, "they must drink a lot of beer."

ETA: (which means edited to add, Jewel =) It's Wednesday at 8:30am...
We have 20 people signed up thus far! Don't be shy.. share recipes with us!!!!

ETA #2: It's Thursday at 8:30am... we have 48 people signed up! (I sent out an email as well as blog posted this...) Any more ladies that want to have almost 50 new recipes??? Sign up!!!


erika said...

brilliant darcy! i totally want in ;)
as far as dumb things i've said lately....seriously? becaue i do not think we have enough time to cover them all.

michelle t said...

Hi Darcy,

I've lurked oh for about 2 years here. I've loved watching you buy your first house and have a baby, and then loved seeing your Adie grow. I found your blog through scrapbooking but kept checking because of the Christian perspective. I'm 39, and mom to 3 boys Jaden (12), Jaron and Jensen (6yr old twins). I'm up for the recipe swap - my tired rotation has gone through several cycles and my DH had a stroke this year (I've been married 15 years) and I've been currently revamping using allrecipes.com and bugging all my friends.
And dumb things, where do I begin...I butcher every cliche there is: one time my DH and I were in a fight(circa 1991)and I screamed "don't call the kettle the cold"! To this day if we are fighting over something to throw back in the other's face, he will say "well, that's calling the kettle cold" and then we're done for laughing. OK, I'm sure you didn't want a novel. E-mail is: javaball2@yahoo.com. My name is Michelle Tabb.

Nichole said...

I found it..it popped up behind. i am totally in..Adrian just complained that I make the same thing month to month too...he would love some knew recipes to try out.

great idea darce.

michelle t said...

Ok, now I feel really stupid. You said the LAST dumb thing I said, not the DUMBEST thing I ever said. But that's me. I was reading too fast.

{Niki G =^.^=} said...

Ha Ha, too funny about the "beer opener"....maybe it opens COKE bottles missy!! ;) Kidding! I think they totally look like that too! I'm IN for the recipe swap! E-mail me the details...I'll have to get back to you on the dumb thing I said recently, I have to narrow it down!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy! What a great idea. Count me in! This will be fun.(I'm Stacy P. by the way. We emailed each other on 2Peas a while back about paint color in your old house!) I'm glad you opened up to anon posters. I haven't been able to leave a comment for a while. My 'puter just doesn't like blogger. I've just wanted to tell you how adorable Adie is! She's getting so big!

The last dumb thing I said was to my brother. He is in the army stationed in Kentucky and was coming home to Oklahoma a few weeks ago. I called him to ask where he was to get an idea of what time he would be arriving. I said, "Are you pulling your boat?" To which he replied, "No I'm pushing it. I've been driving in reverse down the interstate this whole time, pushing my boat!" Cracked me up! I didn't mean it that way. I just didn't know if he was bringing the boat or not.

Anyway, my email address is stacy_philpot@yahoo.com and I can't wait for the recipe exchange.

Have a blessed day!
Stacy P.

Amy Augustine said...

I am in! And I was SOOOOO cracking UP at your hilarious beer bottle opener comment. I honestly laughed out loud at work...for a long time. Your are so funny! I will be providing my amazing artichoke dip recipe at a minimum. Yummy!

Rebekah said...

a recipe swap sounds FUN!! definitely count me in! :)

kristina said...

Hey chica! I want to sign up!! I make the same things over and over again, too! Time to break out of that rut! :-D My e-mail address is:

The last dumb thing I said ... hmm...I'm sure there have been plenty, but I can't remember! LOL! Just know that I'm definitely NOT without my blonde moments. For sure! :-D Loved yours! ;) Happy Tuesday!

laurowens said...

Lauren- Alison Kline's sister in law. lmowens05@yahoo.com

I love your blog! My daughter is three weeks old now and I don't know anyother young mothers so I read your blog for ideas and inspiration. I love the idea of a recipe swap, I too make the same dinners every week. boring!

Jackie said...

Hi...my name is Jackie...and I'm a lurker. (Everyone together now..."hi Jackie") Anyway, I would love to be in on the recipe swap. I confess that I'm not a total blog stalker because I went to Manchester with Darin (and by the way, Addie looks more like Darcy 1 year old).

Dumbest thing I said recently:
My hubby and i were in the van and there were extra uneaten carrots sitting on a plate. He had broken them into small pieces (because he was bored) while waiting for me to come out of the grocery store. When I came out, I said, "What were you doing?" He said, "I was breaking carrots." I said, "Breaking carrots? That would be a good name of a band...you know, there was that one band...smashing tomatoes." While laughing, he said, "Smashing Pumpkins!" Honestly, I meant to say pumpkins, it just came out tomatoes :) I blamed it on my 4th trimester.

Jill said...

Hi, Darcy. My name is Jill Nisenshal and email is cjill@hotmail.com. I got your name from my sister, Jackie Meyer's, blog. Your recipe blog is a great idea!!! My hubby and I have been married almost 3 years too. I know what you mean about making the same meals over and over...ick. I think he thinks I only know how to make like 3 dishes! :) Truthfully, I'm not a great cook yet, but maybe a few new recipes could help. Thanks!!

Milissa said...

LOL... Darcy I think I just about fell off the couch about the bottle opener thing... that was SOOO funny! I can't remember the last dumb thing I said because I'm sure it was just 2 seconds ago!!! LOL.... but anyway... I can tell most of your girls here are newly weds except for a few ... it makes me laugh to see " my hubby is sick of" or " he wishes there was a change in our menu" ... LOL... THEN LET HIM COOK!!!! That's what I say! No I'm kidding ... I'm sick of my menu too ... I'd love to get in on this! Thanks for doing this ... it's going to sound fun and I'm looking forward to the Artichoke dip recipe from Amy Augustine already!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH.my. gosh. I am laughing out loud. flag holder vs. bottle opener. HILARIOUS!
ok,so I have read your blog (almost) every post for I can't remmeber how long!! LOL
found ya from 2peas,and just kept on lurking... don't have a blogger acct. and its just pain in the patooty to create a pw ea time.
I LOVE your pages. You're so talented. I am so inspired by you. :)
I LOVE your cute lil' family..so adorable . and your whitty humor and christian perspective is awesome! thanks for letting us all in to your world!! LOL
and a recipe swap.. I AM SO IN!!
been serving ramon and macncheese to my family for way to long!!
this will be FUN!
stacie in AZ

Linz said...

Hey I'm in! Would love new stuff to cook up!! You have my email addy:) I got the email today too! Sounds like a great idea!

Rene Morgan said...

I want to be in on this. I so sick of making the same thing over and over again. Plus I have a couple picky eaters also. I think that this is a great idea.
My email is Renem2103@gmail.com

The last dumb thig that I siad would be... I can't think of one but I know that there is one.
Rene Morgan

gabbyfek said...

i'm in, i'm in.
and dumb things...
oh my. there are too many to list.

Lee and Becca said...

count me in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy

I am also a lurker. SAHM who needs humor and find it on your blog. My house is full of picky eaters and would love to be part of the recipe swap. Not a dumb thing but a thing said by my 4 year old. 3 kids were riding their bikes down the street he said look mom its the jonas brothers. Have my dumb said moments too often during the day.

By the way can you tell I crave adult interaction:) Rachelle Stickel rnstickel@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Darcy! This is Emily Riegsecker. My email is teriegsecker@comcast.net. I would love to join the many recipe swappers too. I need to schedule a photo shoot of my kiddos with you sometime soon. I will give you a call or send an email sometime.

rev said...

hahahah. you got me pee'ing my pants here again woman. haha. bottle opener. you are even worse than me girl!! i've got not the best of sight, but the best imagination one can have. so usually, when i take of my glasses (it's only -2 so not that bad) i say stupid stuff. once i warned arjan for the little kid who was about the cross the road... he laughed a lot. because the little kid on the side of the road was a garbage can with an yellowish lid standing up. duh. so everytime arjan see's something on the side of the road, he says: watch out for the kiddo! sigh. but hey, they at least can have a great laugh with us right?

sarah said...

hi darcy, i am a lurker too..would love to be in the recipe swap, i have found tho that american and UK 'ingredients' dont always cross over but heck ill give anything a try to re-vamp the menus around here. I am a mum to 3 kids, Isaac (5) Maisie (3) Poppy (2). i work part time as a neonatal intensive care nurse and otherwise get busy with school runs, washing, cooking and stuff. We go to an amazing church which has a couple of links in the US.
The dumbest thing i have done recently?? ummm...being honest i struggle to remember 'cos i have such a mummy brain sometimes but that in itself means i probably say a lot of dumb things!!!
sarah x

Haggith said...

Hi Darcy,

This is Haggith from Holland. I've been lurking, wanting to leave comments for ages! love your little girl...just a few weeks younger than my babyson Valentin.
But I never leave comments, because I'm a blond and I forgot my id and my password and everything I'm supposed to answer questions to when I log in to Bloggeraccount! :) So I'm super happy that you've opened up to annonymous this round.
I love reading your blog and the stories you tell!

anyways, count me in for the recipe swap. Should be fun.
Here's my email: haggithvanhees@hotmail.com

The Davis Family said...

Hi Darcy! I would love to be in the swap. I graduated a year after you did at Wawasee and found you again thru Alison's blog. I am now in arizona so i have ton's of new things for everyone to try.

Lacey Davis (Robinson)

Jess said...
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Jess said...
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patrick and shannon said...

Hi Darce :) I am in on the swap. Oh yeah, and I couldn't sleep until 2 am. Note to self, next time you go to PIT with me, don't let me get a DDP and a Starbucks!!

Katie said...

Hi There...another lurker here! I found you from Rita Weiss! I've stuck around because I am also a Christian mommy...and you are too funny :)

So, count me in for your recipe swap! My email is camnkatie@uci.net

This afternoon my DH was telling me that out of the money he has collected for softball fees, (from our co-ed team) he has $20 extra and he's not sure who it came from. I ask: "is it cash?" Duh. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy, my name is Andrea Maynard. Im again one of the lurkers, found you through Alison Kline's blog. I love your blog, probably once of my favorite. I am so excited about this swap. I make the same menu every month. My email is amaynard@elkhartpa.com.

Nick and Jill Juday said...

Sign me up! :)

Love the idea! :)

I think Alyssa would love to do it too!

Nick and Jill Juday said...

Sign me up! :)


Love the idea! I know Alyssa would love to do it too! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be in for the recipe swap, always looking for new stuff, so we don't get bored.

Lisa, found you over at Sis, now check in from time to time. I even asked you a few questions about sewing on paper (ninewestgirl)

You can email me at lab107@yahoo.com) Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Anonymous said...

I am interested.

Angela said...

Am I the only dork who doesn't want to leave her email addy in the comments?! Well, I am so interested. We've met before through Dina. So, either contact her for my email or see my blog and leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you. Make sense? :) And I'm always doing dumb things now that mommy brain is in full gear. Latest: hubby was looking for his keys this morning. Where did I put them last night when I got home? Oh, that would be definitely left them in the front door for all the world to come on in. :) duh! Thanks!! ang :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to be 'in' on the recipe swap.
My email is:

The last dumb thing I said was at camp today. A camp for kids with autism. Kids with autism are extremely literal. I told on of the boys that I would keep my eye on another student. He looked weirded out and I'm sure he was wondering why I would put my eye on a child.

Anonymous said...

Darce! I've kept up on your blog for awhile, but don't think I've seen you since Chore Time :) This is a great idea! My list of dumb things would be never-ending...
Missy Miller

Anonymous said...

Here's another lurker:o) I use to live in Indiana and went to school with Tom and Alison. I was drawn to your blog because I have a little girl about Adie's age(she's 15 mths) and now I feel like we're friends, so you are on list of blogs I check daily. I would love some new, tried and true, easy recipes.

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to explain the last dumb thing I said. And it would probably lead to me saying more dumb things, so I'll leave it at that:o) My email is dblosser01@gmail.com. ~Diedra