Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adie & "wee-wee"

A few of you have requested Adie/Wrigley pictures. Um, didn't want to let you down!

On Wednesday Adie started saying Wrigley's name. She had been calling him puppy but finally said his name... "Wee-wee". Yeah, a baby and a puppy and the baby calling him "Wee-wee"?? Can't get much cuter than that!

Crate training is going pretty well. Feels like the poor guy is in there a lot.. but puppies sleep a lot and that's his sleeping meca. Adie has an infatuation with his crate. She pushes it around the kitchen, pulls his towel off (if he can't see us he doesn't whine) and as seen in the picture below, she stands on it.

This is also a frequent thing around here... Wee-wee tugging at her pants, shirt or anything else he can get ahold of. She gets so mad!

And this is Wee-wee giving Adie a high five for being the cutest little girl in the entire world.

So yeah, there are some pictures of the cuties!
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Nichole said...

how cute are they....gasp..
Love it..can't wait to meet the little guy. if you ever need more than a carrying crate...let us know. we have bigger one. i am not sure how big he will get???

have a great time at camp.

The Lantz Clan said...

You are right that really is a coppertone picture! That is awesome!!!

rev said...

that picture of the little doggie devil pulling on her shirt is hilarious girl!! totally missed the post about you having a dog? say what? cute!!!

Jill said...

oh my goodness. they are just TOO CUTE together!!! love the high five picture!

Amy Augustine said...

I am cracking up...Wee-wee...that is SOOO cute. Soon she'll be calling him "wiggley" which is also cute, you can't go wrong! :) Can't WAIT to meet her in a couple weeks. And Wrigley if there's time!

Amy Augustine said...

PS - "Adie and Wee-Wee" sounds like a great childrens book should scrap a bunch of pages of them and write a story about their adventures. You could get published! :)

erika said...

whoa that's cute.
and when did miss adie get all that blonde hair?!?! holy cow. xxe

Linz said...

Love your new puppy! You guys have been waiting a long time for a furry one in the house again:) I haven't been able to read up on your last 3 posts until today-so I definitely dig the 3rd logo for your photography! But they are all so cool!! How exciting! As for the gymnastics...I feel your pain, but it does feel better when you don't have to help with summer camps anymore! I'm regretting helping now! TOO HOT this week!! Those girls are the best though:) We'll join ya at the meets to come root them on still!

Kat said...

those are some of the cutest pictures i've ever seen!!!!! i love the one pulling on her shirt, too cute!!! (and so scrapable ;) )

Lisa Dickinson said...

oh wow these photos are super, girl! and since i never got that email off, i thought i'd tell you here....i am saving up for the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 for portrait-type shots. It will allow the camera to use a lower f-stop (i think the kit lens only allows for a f4.5, so you can't get the super blurry backgrounds.)

Natalie said...

Great pictures. I love hearing her voice when she says, "wee-wee". Adorable as always.

gabbyfek said...

wee-wee is the CUTEST!
and so is adie.
love her hairs oh so much!

Susan said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. how did i miss that you got a puppy?!?!?!