Monday, July 21, 2008


We were at camp last week in Iowa.. Darin was the bible speaker. It was SO fun! Thanks for all the comments about my Adie and Wee-wee.. it was so fun to come back to them. =)
Round these parts we love a good Fair. Like yesterday there was a 3 hour parade that started 3 miles from the Fairgrounds and ended at the grandstands. Darin, Adie and I walked in it with our church. It was awesome. About 15 guys carried a 20x12 ft cross and the walkers wore shirts that said "Why?" and we handed out $2 bills with an explanation of why Jesus died on the cross for us. Invited them to church and hopefully the $2 for gas money will help get them there. It was awesome. Adie rode on Darin's back in a back pack the entire time.. she practiced her parade waive and then fell asleep and had great bobble head for the rest of the walk. I also had two gals yell from the sidewalk..

"I'm a blog lurker! I read every post!"
So a big shout out to Jodi and her sister! Thanks for the reads, girls! And you know what else I found out couple of weeks ago? A NURSE from Dr. Fu's office is a blog reader. She totally read my post about me accidently telling Darin to "F-U" when I spelled out our new Dr. Fu's name. Guess they had a good laugh at the office. Don't worry.. it won't be the last. At Adie's old Dr. as they were weighing her I couldn't understand why the scale was reading that Adie weighed 30 some pounds until I realize that I was leaning on the scale. Oops. So next time we are there please introduce yourself! I usually like to meet the people that I've totally embarassed myself with! And now I know not to lean on the scale so we can get a good read of Adie's weight. So embarassing...

Okay so that was a bunny trail. Walking in the parade was so, so fun. =) But before I share Fair pictures from yesterday I want to go down another bunny trail to show you Adie's new skills with a spoon.. or lack-there-of....

Here she is using her spoon with her yogurt.

And here she is showing her ham-age with her spoon-ism-ness.

And yes. I may over-use the "age" behind words today. Because that's how I feel like rollin'.
Here we are so happy to be at the Fair! And so happy that the ice cream at the dairy bar is only $2. The ONLY thing at the Fair that's only $2. Even the elephant ears went up to $5.. seriously! it's fried dough. Anywho...

Here she is at the baby animal farm. Looking at a baby horse. Captain Obvious here.

And here is my husband feeding my child to a goat. I'm pretty sure the goat hadn't had his serving of cute for the day!
(Hanni.. Adie's wearing the outfit you got her and Rachel.. thanks for the cutso Nike's! I wouldn't let her walk in the horse doo so her Nike's would be spared. You'd be proud.)

And I did not play with these pictures.. My Adie and Darin are my little malibu babies!

And remember when I was wondering if Adie's hair would be curly?

Her curly fro-age cracks me up in this humidity. =)

That had nothing to do with the Fair. But I'm just sayin'...

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Erin said...

What cute pictures, Darce!

Rodi Jussey said...

holla! thanks for the shout out!

Jill said...

Adie's got the most adorable humidity-induced curls, Darce!! and gosh, her hair is so light blonde! the parade sounds awesome :)

Kat said...

i just about spit out my drink when i saw the spoon picture! too freakin cute! who needs spoons when you can just use the bowl? ;) so cute!!!!!
and i love love love love! her curly blond hair. precious. so jealous ;)
love all the pictures!

Niki G said...

Shes getting so big, look at all those teeth!! Can you freeze her at this age until I can come visit again ;) LOVE the curly hair, it was all of your "training" while it was growing out for sure. Cute pics!! Good idea for your handouts at the parade, I hope you see some new faces at church!

Linz said...

Weird! We were totally watching the parade and definitely saw the Grace walkers...didn't see you guys! Bummer! That was pretty cool though! Wish we could have ran into ya! I miss Adie girl!

Amy Augustine said...

Oh my goodness, Adie is a cheese-monster! :) I bet she is used to the camera with you as a mama! Sounds like you had a ton of fun at the fair. I miss that huge fair. We have the MN state fair here about 5 minutes from my house though, so I get enough food-on-a-stick every year! :) See you Saturday!!!!

christy said...

darcy-lou! i miss you!!

you have such a beautiful family!!

love ya!


Dina said...

Holy smokes! Could your cutiehead look any more like you when you were that age!? I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night. Smooches!