Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Darin rocks.


I opened my email on Saturday and found an email from blogger that said, "Block-jacked" and almost yelled to Darin that someone had hacked into my blog and posted. Well, that was exactly what did happen but it was my wonderful Darin. I cried and again can't believe how lucky I am to have him. Love you, sweetie.. you made my b-day wonderful! And than you all for my b-day wishes! It was a great one!

This past weekend was not just filled with my b-day, but with my 10 year class renion too! It was actually pretty fun! Not much had changed.. the people that I would have guessed 10 years ago that would be standing at the bar totally wasted were standing at the bar totally wasted! But the ladies and I below had so much fun.

(From the left in case I have some old HS buddies that didn't make it.. Kari, Dina, me, Kim, Mary and Amy)

And Kari (teal dress) totally embarassed me by bringing one of my very first scrapbooks that I made. It was for her 18th b-day. It had tie died paper on the front and jelly bean paper on the back. Dear Lord it was ugly. BUT it was fun to look through it and see all the memories.

And then last night I met with Amy (again) and my HS friend and frosh roommate at Purdue, Tracey! It was great to see her again because its been YEARS since we've seen each other!

So yeah, it was a great weekend filled with old buddies and a great b-day. And is anyone else sick of getting older? I just turned 28 and realized I'm good. I'm good to stay right here at 28 for a few 5 years!

FYI - I'll be without a puter until Thurs night... I know.. it's a killer but my Darin needs it at the camp he's speaking at this week. The Lord's work comes before my blogging and emailing. Amen.

(The "amen" was for you, Kayla!! I love it when she says that...)
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lisa dickinson said...

Happy Birthday (late) sweet girl! And i don't want to hear one word about 28 :P You can start complaining when you're old like me!

Kat said...

can't wait for my 10 year reunion! how fun! cute pictures. hope you get this comment- i swear i commented on your bday blog!!!

Susan said...

HAPPY bday darcy!!!!!!!!! & yay for pausing at 28... ;)