Friday, August 01, 2008

Totally exciting..

So it's an exciting day here at our house. The amish crew is here starting on our room addition AND we are going to a Cubs game!

FIRST I have to show you some hilarious pictures of Darin taking our fire bush out. I LOVE this bush.. it's huge and right by our dining room window. In the fall it gets floresant red.. it is so pretty. But with the new room it had to go. The door to our master bedroom will be where the window is (see below). Soooo.. it had to come out. This is how Darin took it out.. totally genius and totally wiskey tango at the same time.

Put a chain around the bottom and pulled it right out with the truck. Darin was trying to salvage it for me because I make a comment like every day in the fall because I love it so much.

And it came out... roots and all!

And then the bush was drug to the corner of our yard. I was laughing SO HARD because of how wiskey tango it was.

We've (HA! DARIN) replanted it and we've been watering the heck fire out of it so I hope it lives! It was such a pretty bush!

And you can see Adie's littls house in the background so I'll show you an up close picture of it... it's got our siding, beige trim and burgundy accents.. just like our house. ANd I landscaped pink cone flowers and a purple lavender bush. I know, I know.. I'm a dork. My dad gave us some $ for Adie's first b-day so we used it to build her house.

It's still missing the burgundy door. She goes in there and peeks out every window and laughs! She thinks it's hilarious that everything is her size! We will put railing on the top deck probably next summer and add a roof. And put the slide coming off the deck. And maybe a climbing wall. Yeah, we are vicariously living through our daughter with this play house!
And the room addition. Guys, there are a crew of amish fellows tearing up the back yard as we speak. Driving trucks and mini cranes and all. I know... when they showed up I told Darin, "My bloggers are not going to believe there are truck driving, bowl hair cutted, dutch speaking amish dudes in my back yard. "
Darin asked them permission if we could take pictures. I was like, heck.. they are driving trucks I'm pretty sure they are cool with pictures. Not your normal amish.

And Adie either has a crush on the driver amish dude or wants to go into construction because this is where she's been sitting watching them.
Climbed up there herself. =)

So yeah, it's an exciting day in our house with ground being moved and all. AND in an hour we leave for Chicago for a Cubs game! Adie is headed to aunt Natalie's and we are going to cheer o the Cubbies. So fun. =)


Pretty much THE most exciting news of the day...

Adie's hair is long enough for piggies. Took some hair spray and pretty sure she had a headache but man is she cute! (I know.. horrible picture but she was running from my camera that day... she looks like she's ready for me to frisk her.)

She looks so old. Sniff, sniff. My baby is growing so fast!

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Jewel said...

That is totally exciting about starting your room addition! And that is absolutely the most adorable pic of Adie sitting at the window watching the guy work! You captured it so well!

Nichole said...

Your house is moving along fast. and Your little Adie is Beautiful. you are going to have your hands full in about 16 years.

Amish dudes, I think it is so funny that Adie is watching them and Darin asked to take there picture. hehe:)

Have a blast at the cubs game. Enjoy your time away.

oh and by the way it doesn't matter how much money you make or where you live....that is how you pull a big bush out anywhere. Just so you know. hehe:) you always make me laugh...

Amy Augustine said...

I didn't think Adie could get ANY cuter...but you managed it! Pig-tails are THE world's cutest invention! So cute!

Exciting house progress! Have fun in Chi-town!


Niki said...

She's so friggin' tan!!! I'm loving her hair!! I bet your "Amish" guys are Mennonite driving that tractor and allowing their picture to be taken ;) They ROCK!! So excited to see your home addition!!

Shannon said...

Oh my heavens I was laughing out loud about Adie with chinese eyes :) I wish Gavin could sit with Adie by the window and watch the trucks, he would be in heaven!!

Lisa DIckinson said...

yay for new rooms! i just hope your addition goes faster than ours has :( Have fun at the game!

Jill said...

oh my gosh, Adie's house is just the CUTEST thing ever!!! you planted flowers for her too! so stinkin' cute! i love the brick walkway up to the door too, so so adorable. LOL at the Amish guys too, i can't believe they're driving equipment! have a great weekend :)

Kimberly said...

Hey there! I am Alison's friend and love to check your blog. You and your hubby are a great pair and I love all the crafty stuff you do. Also, your pics are amazing!
Anyhow, if you haven't done it yet, you can put some "root shock" on your plant. You might try rooting hormone as well. I use the root shock a lot as I have had to transfer a few large plants. It took them a while to snap out of it but it finally worked. I also use Fish Emulsion for my plants. Pretty stinky stuff but the plants love it and it is safe around the kiddos. Cheap too! Hope you get another fall with your burning bush.

Kat said...

love this post! totally made me laugh- and so many comments. first off- love the piggies!!!! how much fun are they?? i know, its sad how fast they grow up :( just did a post about potty training jessica, not a baby anymore!
and i am so jealous of her fabulous adie house! so cute!!!!
love the amish crew, and adie watching. and have fun in chicago! (did i cover it all ;) )

gabbyfek said...

ok, LOVE your house so so much.
and piggies?!?!?
LOVE them.