Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chatty Adie...

Adie is full of words and things to say. From 8am until 9am this morning I jotted down everything she said. With school and football in full swing, Darin hasn't gotten to spend much time with the munchkin. Last night he picked her up as she slept and sat and held her because he missed her so much. Break my heart! He's such a good daddy. So that is how I came up with the idea to jot down things she says so I can report back to daddy tonight with some Adie-isms. =) Here we go!

8:05am - We are at Walmart and the second I put her in her cart seat she says "Peees?" (Please) She KNOWS she gets fruit snacks in the Walmart cart because it's either keep her mouth busy chewing Smiles or have an antsy (aka loud screaming "mommy!" every 15 seconds) Adie!

8:20am - We pull into the FHS parking lot and Adie says, "Prettee!" I figure she pulled out her hair clip (because I tell her that her hair is pretty when it's in to TRY to get her to keep it in. Usually no such luck.) I went into the school to get something from Darin and came back so see that the car parked in front of us has beads hanging from the rear view mirror. She then repeats "Prettee!" And I know she's talking about the necklaces. Oh my gosh she's a genius.

8:21am - We are in the foyer at Darin's school and there is a falcon statue (falcons are their mascot). Adie gets so excited and yells, "Puppy!" Um, a real falcon would swoop down and steal our bitty puppy!

8:33am - A cement truck pulls into our back yard to pour the floor for Darin's shop and Adie looks at me pointing to the truck and says, "Track-or!" (Tractor) Um, close baby girl!

8:47am - Her daily crap time. =) I swooped her up after she did her business and said, "Pew-wey! Poopy!" To which she giggles and reply's "Poopy!" I think she takes the love of bathroom humor after her mother. I too believe farts and flatuence and poo are funny. =)

8:49am - After the clean up on isle Adie's-poopy-butt I put her down and she ran into her closet screaming "SHOOOOOS!" (Shoes) Again, another thing she inherited from me.. a love of shoes. Stink bomb. I can't wait until she's a size 8 and we can share. =)

8:50am - (not kidding with the time because she has the attention span of a fly) she went to her rocker and pushed it back and forth and said, "Weeeee!" (Um, Weeee.. no translation needed) When she says "Wee" she means she wants to swing or rock. =) An added "wee" at the end is the puppy, Wrigley. Clearing up the Adie language for you.

8:56am - My favorite one.. I keep repeating "I love you" to see if she will repeat after me. On Saturday she finally did. As she played with her play kitchen in my kitchen I told her "I love you" and she looked back at me with a big smile and said "I uve ooo" back.
Oh my goodness I love being her mom.

Remember when I was worried when Adie wasn't jabbering? From like day one until about 10 months? I even did a scrap page about it? It's in her prayer journal with me pleading with JC that nothing was wrong with her lack of talking?

Um.. I'm pretty sure we're going to have to play the quiet game soon. =) Thank you, Jesus!
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Jewel said...

That is awesome about Adie's chatting! I remember how exciting it was for us to hear Braylon. Then the next exciting thing is when you can actually "communicate" with her even tho she's still saying only one words! & now for us the excitement is that Braylon is talking in "short sentences!" Yippee!

Shannon said...

I love this blog! I think this would be an awesome scrappin' page too :) You're giving me some ideas.....hehe!!

rev said...

hahaha, Adie is soo stinkin' cute, and man is she talking or what??!! Ruben knows a few. "poes" (means kitty, every animal is 'poes' for him) "piem" um yes. that's short for willie in Dutch.... and "oh-oh" like the teletubbies (do you have them on the tv? i hope not for you, haha). anyway. kitty, piem and oh-oh, seems essentials to me....

keep writing this down girl, you are so happy when you read this in years from now!!

Jill said...

YES, i agree that Chatty Adie is destined to be a scrap page title soon!! she's so adorable! it was so great seeing her, and you guys!, on Saturday too. so cute that she said 'i love you' back to you :) i'm sure Darin will appreciate your list of Adie's conversations today!

Andrew and Denise said...

She also gets her calling items the wrong thing from her mom. I am also glad you can understand her since she doesn't have a sibling yet to translate like I did for you! LAMY!

Kat said...

yay! so cute! i love that you even wrote the time. gonna be a cute scrap page! :)

~amy said...

Um, so the poopy comment from Adie is my favorite. Like you, I too find bathroom humor hysterical. I mean, I'm 30 for God's sake...when will it not be amusing anymore? Jeff says that I have to "behave" when Mia's old enough to understand. dangit!!!

Milissa said...

Just when I need it ..you blog ... it always makes me laugh, it makes me think of old times, I just love your blog and how it makes me feel .... Addie is so cute .... she is so lucky to have you both as parents. Thanks for sharing such awesome stories!