Sunday, August 03, 2008

Go Cubs Go!!!

"Hey Chicago what do you say? Cubs are going to (not) win today!"

So we didn't win but it sure was fun! 4 whole hours of sitting. And not chasing an almost 15 month old. It was such a great mommy break. =) But man I missed her and was ready to get home when it was over!

Here we are at our seats...

And my hubby as excited as all get out because he's at a Cubs game.. Dude.. all his teams (Colts, Cubs, Notre Dame and Fairfield) are all blue colored teams. All his shirts totally make his eyes look bluer. (See below) Good call with the team loving selection, sweetie. If you were selecting your teams to match your eye color I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be married.. you just may be batting for the wrong team. =/

Jeff Smardjaz (Notre Dame all-star from 2 years ago) got to pitch which Darin was hoping for so he was happy. I would have been happier if the Cubbies would have worn their totally pin stripe outfits because those are cooler than the blue they wore. And then Darin kept reminding me that they aren't outfits, they are uniforms. Oops.

But the BEST part of the day was when we walked in the stadium and filled out a sweepstakes to win a trip to the World Series. To which I replied,
"We need my girl Kayla Amiee for good luck charm to win this since she just won a $4,000 new scrap room."
and Darin quickly replied,
"No, we need Kayla so she can get us one of those cool Cubs helmets for Adie."
That day kids under 14 got free Cubs helmets.
You can pose as our 14 year old daughter any day if a free Cubs helment is at play! We love you, KA!
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Nichole said...

sounds like a great parents day out..
so glad you got to enjoy this together.

Niki said...

Don't worry, I get in trouble for calling them outfits too!!! Love your pics, you tan ppl!!

Jill said...

how funny all his teams are blue! those are such awesome pictures, the first one of you two is perfect :) what a fun getaway for you guys.

Linz said...

That first pic of you and Darin is SO good! You guys almost look like u were cut out and put on the field:) ha ha! Hope the addition on the house is running exciting!