Thursday, August 07, 2008

no, no, NO!!!

All I feel like I do lately is tell Adie "no".

Then I turn around and Wrigley is dragging Adie's doll baby away so I tell him "no" too.

I am constantly reprimanding the 2 littles. I'm pretty sure the neighbors think I am the meanest ever.

BUT my Adie is learning. Not so sure about the furry one's learning.. but the other day I witness Adie Grace walk to Wriggles Worth's water and food dishes and AGAIN put a piece of his food into his water. She obviously knows this is naughty because she looks up to see that I saw the whole disobedience go down and she starts to shake her head and says, "No Adie!"

And then I had to muffle my giggles. Funny (naughty) girl.


Today Adie and I took a trip to see cousin Chloe Joe and aunt (pregnant) Liz. (We are going to be an aunt and uncle again! Whoo-hoo!!!)

We took the (napless) girls to the park and they swung and giggled...

and smiled...

and gave the "more" sign...

and then held each other's hands in the car.

And it looks like Adie wants to push Chloe's cuticles back.

They are only 3 months apart and are so cute together. They hug, kiss, talk gibberish and don't share. =) It's great. I can see many a sleepovers in the future!
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Kat said...

oh yes, i feel like i do that all day as well!
gotta love it
love that adie said "no adie"! too cute!
and love the cute cousins together!

Jewel said...

Isn't it just the greatest to see your child learning & to mimic what they see you doing? Those are adorable pictures of the 2 girls!

Erin said...

Darce, it's just beginning. :)

Amy Augustine said...

I can't wait to have a little girl so I can do all these fun girly things with them! :) Looks like you had a great day of swinging!

Natalie said...

I totally understand. Sometimes when I say, "yes", Jett looks at me in shock with a look on his face like, "what did you just say...what does that mean":) Ha!

Linz said...

Yay for Liz! That's so exciting!

rev said...

yep. that's what those little dragons do. say no and do it anyway. that won't change girl :D
and she's the cutest ever! seriously. i could eat her. luckely i'm across the big 'ol ocean :D

Nichole said...

congrats liz. yipppee for babies. Ok If I would have saw adie mimic you I don't think there would have been muffled laughter...I would have busted a gut.