Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Kit pages and A GIVE-AWAY

Guys.. run, do not walk over to Serendipity Kits to get this month's kit! It is so summery and fun and bright. Love getting the package in the mail.. it's like Christmas every month. I have the top 5 reasons why you should order a Serendipity kit today. Ready?

5. Milissa JAM PACKS those kits to the brim. They are such a good deal for the $. I did 3 pages, like 15 magnets and a recipe mini book and could seriously make like 5 more pages. Totally cool.

(Page about my family going to the water park in May titled "Lazy Replogle's".
You may ask, "What exactly is a Replogle?" Um, that's my maiden name. I know.. crazy funny wonderful name. I should have hyphenated just to make telemarketers see my name on the list and cringe thinking about pronouncing it.)

4. Everything is super new releases. Like she gets things that just came out after CHA. No waiting until your LSS gets the new stuff in.. Milissa's already got it!
(Page.. my 2 loves totally loving on each other. Gosh I love them!)

3. We totally have fun on the message boards. If you need a friend.. head on over to our MB because we'll love you from the start. =)

(Page.. my Adie girls first pony tail. For you non-scrappers.. one may think that a pony tail is a crazy thing to scrap. Um, have you read my blog lately? I'm not so normal. Pony tails are totally scrap worthy. And so are snot bubbles and my tiny 2 week old Adie trying to nurse on Darin's nipple. I'm sick like that. My daughter will probably know that I'm crazy by the time she looks through her miles of scrapbooks but I want to make sure she knows I'm crazy without a shadow of a doubt.)

2. Milissa gives you matching bazzill in every kit. Yeah.. I hate it when I'm ready to do a page and I don't have the perfect matching Bazzill. Suck. Milissa has already covered your hiney and has included the matching Bazzill in every kit. Bless you, Milissa.

1. The top reason why you should become a Serendipity subscriber is so you can make things to give away.

Yep... you heard it. This mini recipe book includes a good bunch of recipes from our recipe swap in July. Totally giving it away. I wasn't able to put everyone's recipes in there (I randomly picked like 40 some recipes) because our ink was getting low. STINK! So not everyone's recipes are in there BUT Alison's is on top.
Your viewing was such a tribute to the life you lived. You left a legacy. You were so loved.

Sooooo... leave me a comment and I'll randomly pick a winner on WEDNESDAY. Just for kicks tell me the most recent word you made up. And the definition just for kicks in case I'm having a dumb day and can't figure it out. =)

Good luck!

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Linz said...

K i'm the first one! ha ha! pick me pick me!! :) No funny words right now cuz I ain't that creative on the spot, kiddo:)

Linz said...

(well..maybe i'm not first cuz you're miss comment blog moderator...STINK! that's ok I do it too!)

Kat said...

love your pages! and i love that you scrapped adies' first pony. i may have to scraplift that one ;)

i totally made up a word the other day, and steve was like "is that a word?" but i can't remember it. and i just asked him and he's all "which time?" ha!

i know one i've made is "fusserated" when jessica is being all fussy and is frustrated and yeah. she's being "fusserated"

love the scrappy pages, i've totally got my mojo back! AND i'm watching olympic gymnastics and thinking of you.

ok, longest comment ever.............

Addi said...

I found your blog through Alison's and just had to stop in to say how neat all of your scrapbooking pages are. I'm inspired to get going on mine!

Kathy said...

Hi Darci!!!

You don't know me but I found you through my friend Jewel's page.

Anytootles, LUV your creativity & quirkyness! I'm a fellow scrapper & a total paper addict!

My dorky word is swellacious and I tend to say spiffytastic & fantabulastic a lot. I get frustrated say "Oh rat farts!"...not that I've ever seen or care to see a rat fart ...Bless my hubby for dealing with my wackadoodle sayings!!!

Anytootles, nice to meet ya in a not so normal way. Keep up the creative masterpieces!! =)

Shannon said...

HI :) I totally made up a word last night, got made fun of for it, and now can't even remember it. Let me ask Pat if he can remember it, hehe.

Kelly said...

Hi Darcy,
I came across your page from Alison's page, she was actually my 'big sis' at AGD-Purdue. What a gem she was, we are blessed to have had her.
I love your scrapbooks (and your family is adorable.) I recently started scrapping, I just made my first one for my little cousin's 5th birthday. It was themed "A-Z" and each page had to do with her and a letter of the alphabet. It turned out ok I think!
Well, I am planning my wedding right now and this weekend I was asking my Mom if she included tax and tip in the cost of the reception hall, to which I said, "don't forget the tap-n-tix" ha...that's the best I have right now, sorry! That is so sweet that you put Ali's recipe first in your recipe give-away book, I hope whoever wins will keep it forever. Thanks and have a great week!
Kelly C.

Cheryl said...

Your daughter is adorable, and snot bubbles and ponys are totally scrapworthy! I have no idea what my latest made up word is, they come quite frequent- its to the point where my alomost 4 year old tells me "mom, that hasn't been a word yet."

jackie said...

I'm in! Sign me up! And, sorry, no new words...I couldn't remember them if I made them up! Mommy brain is in its prime right now :)

rev said...

hi sweets,
LOVE your pages! i so love her first ponytail, too cute.

and new words. well actually Sanne makes them up all the time. actually. she sometimes mixes words up. in dutch ofcourse, cause she's no professor (yet). but stuff like: stepfoots (footsteps), springer (spring) (like 'summer' ykwim?) and stuff like that.

Daisy Path said...

so i don't really make up words...i just use the wrong word at the wrong time. ha! love, love your scrapbook pages. i want to win!

"Love the life you have." said...

Hey they girl, I love that you put Alison's recipe on top. One of my new words that Alyssa say is "CASTLE" When they were getting Alison out of the car at the grave site, she said Mommy is Auntie Ali in there and I said yes that's her CASKET then she said Auntie Ali's in her CASTLE and I said yes her CASTLE such abetter word for it.

Jen K said...

Its my anniversary today! Shouldn't I win?!? :)

Jen K said...

Couldnt get the first one to work....It's my anniversary today! Shouldnt I win?!? :)

Linz said...

RE: Anytime lady:)Yeah I tried staying up as late as I could to watch it...yeah pretty amazing! Bummed that we got silver but oh is on too late though...geesh!

laurowens said...

It was great meeting you at Alison's viewing, hope I didn't seem like a total blogstalker (hey does that count as my word?,jk)just feel like a know you from your blog, its great!
Since I have a 10 week old daughter, all my made up words come from her, i think my latest one is "big pooper magee" horrible nickname for a child, but she smiles every time.

Kayla said...

Hey there!
So I found your blog through Rene and I'm totally in love with the Serendipity Kit thing...But I'm confused about how it works. I went to the website but I don't really understand what to do. Do you get monthly kits? Or do you order them once a month? If you have time to email me that would be awesome!

Thanks :)