Friday, August 29, 2008

So I've been busy lately...


And I guess I'm in a green mood because loading all these I realized the 3 out of 4 were almost all green! AND I did four 12x12 pages. Guess I'm in that kind of mood too! You never know what to expect from me.. I am a scrapping scizophrenic. HA!

First one... our family photo shoot. It was crazy and silly and I wanted to get all of our "takes" on the page. I'm sure the neighbors were laughing at us across the street.

Finally got this one scrapped. The pictures are from May when we were in Indy supporting my sister and her hubby at the Indy Mini Marathon. Used some felt and some stitching If you can tell, the main picture is actually 3 pictures but I tried to make it look like one picture. There's a lot of dimension to this page but you can't tell by the pic.. thank you felt!

And then these next pages were for the KI Memories DT callout. I haven't tried out for a manufacturer's DT in a bit.. Lisa talked me into it. =) It was fun because I LOVE their products and already had a ton of it so I didn't have to run out and buy a ton of it. And if you don't make it you still get to keep the pages you've created so hey, why not try, right?

So here's page #1 about Adie and her "pretties" aka beads. Also a lot of dimension on the right hand side with the journaling.

And here's page #2 with the hour of Adie's words that I blogged about the other day. (Totally realized I did the wrong WORD in my title when I finished it and had sent it in! STINK!) It should read "hour".

I was happy with my entry so here's to trying out for a manufature's DT!
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Erin said...

Good luck, Darce! Love all the pages.

Nichole said...

I really thought that was one picture, i just thought adie's stroller was a little taller and ahead of the game. that says how dumb i am..but you got your effect acrossed.

good luck on the DT submission...i was going to after you said something until I went to there questionaire and all the questions were about DT's and Published works...I got none...nada. So I will wait. I am starting to keep track of the products...that is my beginning.

love the felt by the way

Rita Weiss said...

Hi Darcy :) I love that new banner! You guys are sooo darn cute. I'm so rooting for you for the KI team! What a great match that would be :) Plus, it's so nice to see your awesome scrappy work again. hugs xo

jenscaleshr said...

those pages are awesome! you were on such a roll! beautiful!