Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Here's an additional page for the Sept Serendipity kit.. I was DETERMINED to use the Kraft paper because I'm horrible at using paper that has decoration in the corner. HORRIBLE! It sits on my scrap table and taunts me. Go over and get yourself a kit!!!

And Adie wants to say, "HAPPY FRIDAY!" in her new rock star shirt. She's kinda got a mullet going on too. =) It's raining.. our hair kinda does what it wants when it rains.. today it chose to be rather mullet-ish. =)

Have a great weekend! I'm sure we will.. we're finishing up moving Darin's woodworking shop that used to be at his mom's house (yeah! it sold!) and is now in 1/3 of our new addition. He's so excited to have his shop here at our house. Once we have it moved we'll start on siding, roofing, putting windows in, the INSIDE of the addition... lots to do. =) Oh, and we hope to plant some grass in the backyard here soon too because it's a mud pit after all the cement trucks and such plowing through it. Wrigley thinks it's fun to dig in the fun dirt so yeah, we need some grass!

Happy weekend!
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Nichole said...

so happy that her house sold and that things are moving forward on the addition...can't wait to see it.

careful with the digging...two years ago we looked like the movie "HOles" was filmed in our backyard.. thanks to Macy.

have a good one.

Kat said...

yay weekends!!!!!!
so i guess i bought the wrong scrapbook etc. what month are you in? i just got the aug/sept, so i bet it was the wrong one :(
enjoy your weekend- and i love adie's shirt ;)

The Lantz Clan said...

I love Adie's shirt too! It was great seeing you at MOTTS. I really like it:) See you thursday! OH, Cole has hair like Adie, the more humid the more it is doing its own thing:) I love it:)