Sunday, September 07, 2008

"tank-toooo!" & "may-men!"

So I've never been so proud of my Adie Grace like ever.

Late last week I changed her panties and stood her up on her changing table like normal. She gave me a big ol' smile and said, "tank-too!" Um, she totally thanked me for changing her pants. And I would have thought it was a fluke but she did it TWICE since then. Goodness.

On Friday night when I was working at the resale great Grandma and Grandpa Holsopple watched her. Grandma Kathy picked her up to take her home and put her in bed. As they were leaving Adie looked at great Grandma and Grandpa and told them "tank-too!" (thank you) and blew them a kiss.

Oh my gosh.. if I would have been there I'm pretty sure I would have bawled.

Then I realized I have never taught her to say thank you for anything other than after I give her fruit snacks. She KNEW out of the goodness of her own tiny heart when to say thank you. What a good girl! And I appologize for bragging about her but SERIOUSLY! I am flipping out about her adorable thankfulness!
Then last night we had a date night and the munchkin came. Darin said our prayer before we ate and held my hand and I held Adie's. Darin couldn't reach all the way around the table and hold Adie's as well... so our circle wasn't complete. During prayer I opened my eyes like a good mommy does to make sure she's behaving and I see her with her arm & hand held out, nudging the man behind us in the shoulder as if she wanted to hold his hand for prayer. It was the first time she was sharing Jesus! It was so, so cute. And the man was so old that I'm pretty sure he didn't feel her nudge him because he didn't turn around. Then she finished the prayer with a big, "may-men!" She always says it super early but it makes it even cuter.
This past week and weekend were filled with the Children's Resale. It was so, so fun. Lots of work and tiring, but so worth it. I got all of Adie's fall/winter clother for the next season for cheap, cheap. And a potty that sings when she tinkles in it.. which she stuck her head in so we hope they washed it well! And some toys... a barbie laptop, a singing book and a play "register" like at the grocery store. But her favorite toy by far is the $2 baby stroller and $1 baby doll I found. Here she is playing...

Um, pretty much the best $3 I've ever spent.


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Rebekah said...

she is so stinkin' CUTE!!! love the photos! :)

Nichole said...

So cute..Darcy. She is one polite and sweet little girl.

The resale rocked...I gotta think ahead of what we need before I go next time and I won't have a surgery holding him back from growing next spring either.

I felt soooo blessed.. In Adie language....tanktoo.

The Lantz Clan said...

What a doll! Are you potty training?

Erin said...

That is so sweet!

Kat said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pictures of her w/the stroller and babydoll! too precious! yep, those baby dolls are the best :)
and good that she's sayign thank you! so many kids don't, its almost sad.
oh, and love that she was nudging the neighbor during prayer to hold hands. cute cute!

Jewel said...

I totally understand about you needing to "brag" about Adie saying tank too! Braylon says it on his own too & it totally blows us away. And now he'll say "your welcome!" You just wait & see, her time is coming too! See ya in 3 days! It was good to see you for 3 seconds at the resale!

jenscaleshr said...

she gets cuter and cuter each time I see pics of her! And such a little lady with her manners!!

Jill said...

oh my goodness, she is just so stinkin' cute :) brag all ya want!!! and the pictures of her with the baby doll & stroller are so cute! sounds like an awesome resale.