Saturday, October 04, 2008

1st Haircut

Adie had her first haircut this morning! Well, first one that I didn't do as she sits in the bathtub bathing as I attack her hair. =) She was sporting the baby mullet and well, we can't have that! I'm trying to grow her bangs out so she won't have any (I don't want to keep up with them and with the curls, bangs just don't work so well). But the growing bangs were out of control. Soooo.. we trimmed her up!

Here she is COMPLETELY serious.

She was such a big girl and sat in the chair so well. Looked straight ahead at the mirror.. she took her first hair cute very seriously. Yes, I accidently said "cute" because the girl is so cute when my fingers type any kind of word similar to "cute" like "cut", "cute" comes out. So we're flowing with it.

Of course she wasn't surprised that the camera was in her face for the play by play!

And it was such a big deal, John McCain showed up for the cute! He took time off campaigning to stop by the shop because he realizes how big of a deal this is. And who knew he was an IU fan?

Um, have ya all met my brother? Yes.. he IS crazy but we still love him. He's a pilot and he's got plans to pull up to the hanger to pick up his VIP'S wearing the mask. I hope they think it's funny or hey, he may not have a job!
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The Lantz Clan said...

Precious little adie and her pretty blue eyes is so mature for her little age of like 17 months.

Amy A said...

SO cute, cute, cute! But we need an AFTER photo too, Darce!! Don't leave us hangin!

PS - Go John McCain! :)

Shannon said...

I still can't do the hair cute (oh my look what I just typed as I was trying to typer cut)

You are braver than me :)

I"m all about another scrappin' time!!