Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leaving on a Jet plane..


Adie and I are boarding a plane to Washington State to see my sister and her twins!!! So excited. It's been since May since we've seen them and even though we talk on the phone every day, it's gunna be awesome to spend time together. So, if you all could say a little prayer that...

* Flying solo with a 17 month old on my lap for 4.5 hours goes remarkably well. And that she suddenly remembers from her infant days that taking a nap on mommy's lap was a wonderful past-time and she'd like to be successful at it again.


* That a gracious citizen that *may* have an extra seat beside them lets us swap up seats out of the goodness of their heart. Or that my chattering 17 month old drives them batty enough to switch. Either is good enough for me.

* That the toddler leash I swore I'd never buy doesn't give me stares from people like myself that swore they would never buy a child leash. Um, leashes are for dogs. And my Adie in an airport with a 2 hour layover in Seattle.

* That we don't miss daddy too much. =( This one I'm worried about. My Adie is a little bit of a daddy's girl and well, I'm quite fond of my hottie-head and I know we are going to miss him like mad. And I hope that Darin doesn't get sick of the frozen pizza, french fries and sloppy joes I have on his dinner menu every night. =/

So yeah, the blog will be on a break until after the 27th. And I'm not taking my camera because of it's monstrosity and because I'm not checking a bag. No room. Packing for a little and myself in a carry on. I am a mama... hear me ROAR!!!


rev said...

girl!! you are sooo brave, i'm afraid to fly, and i cannot imagine flying alone with my kiddo. okay. this is not helping you i guess. sorry :D you know me, we are both dorks. anyway, you'll do fine, and that leash girl, you are the BEST. let them stare. whatever. you will never loose your little girl, what's more important? right. HAVE FUN BABE!!

Kathryn said...

Good luck to you! And seriously, about the leash, I have one and it's FANTASTIC! We actually got complimented on it! If anyone gives you a hard time, just tell them that it's either having a leash or letting her run around wild and crazy (not that she ever would!) =)

JAMES & SUSAN said...

I'm so excited for you to go see Denise and the boys!!! I'm sure the trip will be long- but so worth it. You're going to have a blast.

Also- congrads on baby #2. I'm sure that you are all soooo excited.