Thursday, October 09, 2008

Serendipity OCTOBER Kit!!

Thanks for all the well wishes of the pregnancy! We are pretty pumped and you will be happy to know that we are going to find out what the sex is this time. ALTHOUGH yesterday I was having 2nd thoughts about finding out. We are going to miss the excitment on birth day of the midwife saying, "it's a _____!!!" It was the biggest surprise we could ever have. Although since Adie was 3 weeks early her little girl parts were kinda sticking out. The midwife said, "Look what you have!" And Darin and I both didn't guess. Because we either had a very small endowed little boy or a girl with her parts sticking out. So we told the midwife to tell us what we had. =) I guess since she was early her little parts were out instead of in.. totally normal and she's very normal now. TMI again! She's gunna hate me when she's 16 and reads that I told blog world that her daddy and I didn't know if she was a girl or a boy. =/

Anywho... thanks again!

Now for Serendipity Oct kits! Here is a page I did about the fair this summer. Got a whooping 8 pics on there.

And a simple one of Darin and Adie on Father's Day this past June. =)

And a mini book about baby #2's pregnancy. I want to keep a journal this time because I didn't with Adie and I totally forget what all I went through with her! And I want to make sure this baby knows he/she is just as loved and documented as Adie Grace has been.

I've wanted to do a color on color title for some time. Love the way it turned out... very suttle and classy. =)

ETA: Hope you can see the pics this time!!!


Nichole said...

not sure if you meant to not have the pictures show up or not...i am sure you didn't mean too..but you can't see them chica...cute journal. I really wanna see the rest. paleeeeezzzzee.

Amy A said...

Can't see pix. :(

Elaine said...

Congratulations on baby #2! We are also expecting #2...a boy this time (due in Feb). It's fun to see updates on Adie and your life. It keeps me connected to life in Northern Indiana in a small way. =)
Be blessed,

Nichole said...

totally can see the pics. thanks. love the lo...and great journal. good luck keeping up...i hope you're better at it than i was.