Saturday, November 29, 2008

The annual tree cut

Seriously.. I hope you all have a tree farm close to you that you can experience cutting down your own Christmas tree just once. It is SO fun. This year we went the day before Thanksgiving and I think it's going to be a new tradition. We had our tree home, lit and decorated before Thanksgiving Day. Of course I took some pictures for you to see the big outing.

Found the "one". And Darin didn't even cut himself with the saw this year! It's been a yearly tradition since we met and started getting our tree together 4 years ago. 4 years, only 3 band-aids... way to go, Babe!

And lil miss Adie looking at the airplane instead of daddy behind the camera. =)

And I love this picture.. my hubby not letting me carry anything cuz I'm with child so he carried our baby and the tree himself. What a sweetheart. =)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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Kat said...

how fun! i'm so jealous- i don't think that we have any of those cut your own places near here :(
adie is too cute!!!!

Jewel said...

Awesome post! We use to get our own tree but we have now gone to artificial tree! Hopefully some year we'll do that tradition again! I know I loved it when I was a child. We are putting our tree up today as I type!

Nichole said...

I am jealous. We aren't doing a tree this year. We are going to be out of town over christmas so it would have to be taken down in two week.

Adie looks adorable and man is your hair getting long.

shiloh said...

You have such a sweet family! I love the pic of Darin with Adie and the tree, what a great dad:)

Shannon said...

I love the pic of Darin carrying the tree and Adie :) So Sweet!! Your hair looks super long in that picture!!

I want to see pics of the tree done up :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great pics! If you're ever down in the Anderson (Indiana) area, I'd love you to take pics of my two year old!

Niki said...

I've never had a live Christmas tree but really want to have one sometime! Look at my beautiful girls in that picture! I love it!! Thanks for sharing your tree cutting day with us ;)

rev said...

ahh what a beautiful pics girl!! you look sooo good!! and so does Darin & Adie ofcourse :D

love your tradition. as of now i start begging for my own handcut tree!!


Amy A said...

Such a cool tradition Darce! I plan to start that one for us next year. Sadly, our little townhouse is just too small for us to get a big, real tree. I am settling for my little 3 foot fake one that I put on the coffee table for now. NEXT year...hopefully I'll have a bigger house, a real tree, and be expecting a little one to buy presents for the following Christmas! :)

Susan said...

i LOVE the photos... tree cutting do it yourself style IS quite the experience... ;)
and DARCY - you look gorgeous & you are absolutely glowing....! :)