Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Pray. More. Amen."

Last night Darin and I took my Accord to the shop to get serviced.

After we dropped it off I climbed in the beast of Darin's truck where Adie sat inbetween us. Usually Darin and I hold hands in the car but since she was in the middle of us, we both grabbed her hands. She must have thought it was time to talk to Jesus because she said, "Pray". So Darin and I decided if the girl asked to pray by golly we need to pray! So Darin prayed and ended the prayer with "Amen". To which Adie replied with her own "amen" and then said "more!" So then it was my turn.. prayed and first thanked God that Darin did the first prayer with his eyes open since he was driving and all and I also closed with "Amen." Adie again repeated "Amen!" and said "More!"

We prayed the entire way home. As soon as we stopped she'd say "Amen, More!" It was the sweetest thing we've experienced yet with Adie. Even her new and improved arms-around-the-neck hugs don't compete with last night's prayers. Man I love that little girl.

And I can't leave you without a picture! Our sweet little girl is also been pumping some iron. Daddy uses 3lb weights to help out his shoulder problems and Miss Adie thought it was her turn.

Crack me up!

This was before she lifted one of them above her head and tipped totally backwards and landed flat on her backside. HA!
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Kat said...

such a cute story!!!!! love it. and love that she's lifting weights- totally lol-ed at her falling backwards after trying to lift it over her head. too cute!

Jewel said...

I love that pic of Adie! She is such a poser! Just like my Bray! We must be "camera happy" Moms!

Niki said...

Adie has the best parents!! :) She's already up in the gym workin' on her fitness?! So cute!

Jill H said...

OK, I think that is the cutest little kid prayer thing I've ever heard! Mine say some cute things but that is just the sweetest thing. And how awesome that she knows about prayer at such a young age, you guys are amazing parents!

Happy Thanksgiving, Holsopple Family :)

Nichole said...

too sweet. way to cute, little adie. way to cute.