Friday, November 07, 2008

Tagged x 2

I got tagged twice. Once by my sister and another by Rene (Alison's sister). So.. here we go!

The first one is to show you all the fourth picture in my fourth picture files. This is it:

Adie's fat lip from September. And her big ol' forehead curl. This was from when standing on chairs was our struggle.. WAIT standing on chairs is STILL our struggle!


The next one is 7 weird facts about me. Oh gosh, just 7?

1. A couple of years ago I went to the eye doctor because I could tell my prescription was changing. After the eye doctor checked out my eyes for a few minutes he said he had to get a measuring tool to check the sizes of my contacts. (I have gas permeable contacts (hard) so I wear them for years) After doing so he looked in my chart and informed me that I had the wrong contacts in each eye. My left one was in my right and my right was in my left. Um, it takes me a long time to go to the doctor after I realize something is wrong so I COULD HAVE HAD THE WRONG CONTACTS IN EACH EYES FOR A YEAR for all I know. Thankfully he didn't laugh at me and said that he sees this once in awhile. Um, you don't have to make me feel better. It's really okay. Switched my contacts and wala! I could see better!

2. I have a nostril that is normal size and a nostril that is TINY. If you lay on my lap and look up at my nose, it's VERY noticeable. Why is this weird? I CAN'T make a piggy "oink" noise. I try and I can hardly breath and have to cough to regain my breath. This is important now that there is a little and making piggy noises is imperative in the the learning of animal noises. I guess Adie won't know what sound a pig makes until Kindergarten. Thanks to the small nostril. Sorry sweetie. Ask daddy.
3. I've always made pasta "el dente" (not hard but not really soft). I never understood this UNTIL I finally read the instructions to a package of spaghetti the other day. You know you add the pasta after the water comes to a boil. This is when I used to set the timer. This is incorrect! After it returns to a boil, THEN you set the timer for 7-10 minutes. Seriously. I have been making pasta wrong for 28 years. From today on, we will have soft, DONE pasta. Maybe I should actually read the instructions once in awhile. Totally overrated.
4. I hate ice. I can handle it if I have a straw.. but I hate for ice to touch my lips and teeth. In my world, if every drink came automatically cold, there would be no reason for ice. No me gusta. Darin hates ice too. When we have guests over.. it's always the thing we forget. Make ice. Didn't even get an ice maker in our new frig because it would all clump together because we never use ice.
5. I use my cruise control constantly. Even if the speed limit is 40MPH, I set my cruise so I don't speed. Got a ticket one time and it was $165 so I NEVER want a ticket again. And people that go 40 and then 55 and then 45 drive me BATTY. I don't want to be one of those batty people.
6. I am extremely cheap. Like I've never bought a case of bottled water. Like tonight we are going to McDonald's for ice cream instead of Ritter's or Coldstone because at McD's the ice cream is $1. I order water at restaurants because I don't want to pay $2 for a drink. In college I used to order extra lemons so I could squeeze a bunch in and add some splenda and call it psydo lemonade. I'm cheap. And proud of it!
7. I asked Darin what #7 weird thing about me should be and he said I'm pretty normal. Please read over 1-6 to remind yourselves that my hubby thinks I'm pretty normal. Hmmm.. maybe that's why we jive so well?
Let's do: Lisa because I'm pretty sure her weird things are gunna be great. And I recently had two friends tell me that they love your blog because you are such a riot. How about Shiloh (a friend from HS) because she's new to blogging. And let's do Ashley because she cracks me up too. Erin because she's queen of weird. (You know I love ya!) Amy H. needs to share her weirdness. And JILLY bean cuz I miss you so much!!! And Miss Revlie needs to share because she's a girl after my own heart.
Have fun!

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