Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I arted.

and someone better clean that up!

JK.. heard that phrase and it cracked me up so of course I needed to use it on the ol' blog!

I ACTUALLY scrapbooked today! Um, it's been way over a month since I last scrapped. Hate it when it's that long!

Did the page of Adie and her tampon "nack".

Also did 4 pages for my sister's boys but I don't have the journaling from her yet so I'll wait to post them until I do.

When have you last arted?
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Kat said...

thats one of my favorite of your adie's stories. so cute! very cute page!
i "arted" for a whole weekend a few weeks ago! my first time going to an overnight crop- so much fun! that was like 2 weeks ago. and i have so much more i want to do, but yeah- i've been busy and tired and sick. *sigh* wish i could just "art" all day ;)

jensmack said...

It's been TOO long! And I've had the time, my scraproom is clean... what's my problem? I even have freshly printed photos! What happened? *sigh*

Love your LO! Adorable!

Shannon said...

Well I have attempted to have arted twice in the last month but it is just impossible with two kids! Ready for a scrap day for sure :)

lisadickinson said...

I arted yesterday....and man it felt good! :P

"Love the life you have." said...

I tagged you check out my blog.