Sunday, December 14, 2008

The bel-ley...

Had a request for a belly picture (Niki) so here it (finally) is! It's still somewhat small.. just feel super chubby. But with Adie and this baby having such a close b-day (her b-day is May 10th and the baby's due date is May 14th) my pregnancies have been easy to compare. I was this size IN JANUARY with Adie. Ah. I guess the uterus is super stretchy this time.

We are a little over 18 weeks now. On FRIDAY we are having our ultrasound!! And for those of you interested, we decided to not find out at our US appointment next Friday and are going to ask the the technician write down the sex of the baby and we'll put it in an envelope. We'll open the envelope on Christmas Day!!! Probably within the week we'll do a blog guessing game on what you guys think baby H #2 is. Stay tuned.

Adie is starting to have a ledge to sit on!

She thinks it's fun to lift my shirt up and point at the baby.

Our belly's kinda look the same in this one. =)

And it's a Colt's day! So we got out the (large) Peyton jersey. She's super thrilled.. can't you tell? Daddy is, though! She's still got her belly but her legs are turning into little girl legs. AH!! Mommy and daddy are quite happy she's showing signs of great calf muscles. Both of us had a pretty decent vertical when we were in HS sports. =)

And then I remembered to put her new football bow in!!!

ETA: There is another giveaway on the Serendipity blog this month! It's my month off so I'm not giving anything away BUT the other girls are!! Go check it out and sign up to win!!!

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shiloh said...

Oh Darce you look beautiful! I love your idea to open the envelope at Christmas...I couldn't wait till then, I'd have to know!

Kat said...

so cute! yeah, you're super tiny still! i'm ginormous! you look gorgeous- totally glowing!
love adie's football bow- where did you get it? i'm sure steve would be stoked if jessica had one to wear during chargers games ;) oh, and i love your tree :)

The Haughs said...

Cute belly. Cute Adie. :)

And congrats on becoming and auntie again. :) Your kids will all be so close in age! That's great!

Jewel said...

Cute pics! Cute belly! I love the football bow!

Amy and Scott said...

Aw have the cutest little prego-belly! Teeny! Adie is going to be such a great big sister! Merry Christmas!

Niki said...

YAY! I love the belly pics!! :) Thank you!! Adie's hair is the cutest too....did you make that bow? Hope you guys have a great Christmas and I can't wait to see you soon!!

lisa dickinson said...

um, i see no belly here. you are a tiny, tiny little pregnant lady and i hate you :P not really, but geez, it's like you used to be a gymnast or something :P