Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Master Bedroom Addition

So I haven't talked about our master bedroom/bath and wood shop addition lately! Which is crazy because Darin consumes all his free time with working on it... he's between football and track season. =) It's moving right along with our timeline... we want to be in it and move Adie to our old master (her new room so the baby can have the nursery) 2 months before the baby comes. Her new room will include a big girl bed so I want her to get used to the new room and bed before a new baby is added ot the picture. I hope you can tell what all this is! Drywalling will be over Darin's break because the plumbing and electrical just got approved by the inspector. Way to go, darin!

This is the view when you walk in (after a short hallway from the dinning room). I thought having our new master bed on the other side of the house from the other bedrooms was a wonderful idea until I remembered that newborns usually don't come sleeping through the night. And I watch too many Datelines to know that there may be a serial killer in my home whe I wake up at 3am to feed the new baby. I already admitted to Darin that every night when I go to the bathroom I think the Christmas tree is a fat man with a skinny head ready to kill me. I'm kinda paranoid. =/
Anywho, back to the room... the window was in our dining room where our new door to enter the bedroom will be. Very green of us to recycle the window, we know. I just made curtains that are the coolest blue material ever. This wall will be chocolate brown (as 3 of the other walls will be)
And the little shed out the window will be redone this summer. =( I have done many a photo shoots by the rustic (rotting) doors. Ah.

Below is the big wall that our bed will go on. It will be a blue wall with our monogram over the bed. We'll have wall lights (YEAH!) for reading on each side of the bed. And the wall is 11 feet high with vaulted ceilings! I LOVE dimension!!!

Here is the picture of the monogram from Pottery Barn we're doing over the bed. Cept our wall will be blue with a chocolate monogram.

And right when you walk into the room from the door, the bathroom will be on your right. The fun thing is that Darin didn't build the wall up to the ceiling so I'll have a plant shelf to decorate. =) I hate things to decorate... HA!

Again, here is my inspiration room. =) We are even doing the ceilings in the tan color. I am painting ourdressers green as well! ANd I gotta find those blue crystal nobs. Let me know if anyone finds them!!! (Darin's not sure about me painting the dressers green.. hey, looks good in the picture and he's trusted me with everything else in our house and has liked it! I keep reminding him of that)

We're doing a padded headboard in brown damask...

The bedding will be chocolate brown with blue and green pillows... already made one out of the blue material from the curtains.

So fun. =) I can't wait til it's done!!! And then I'll have Adie's room to redo. Got ideas about that one too.. kinda depends on if this baby is of the girl type or the boy type. At some point the may have to share if we have 3 babies.. so we'll want it for both a boy and girl if she's gotta share. If it's a girl?? I'm gunna have a hard time NOT girlin' out that room!!!)
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Kat said...

you're so good at decorating! want to come to my house and help me out? ;)
looks awesome!

Rebekah Price said...

it's going to be gorgeous, darcy! :) can't wait to see the final pics! :) & YAY for the ultrasound friday!!!

~amy said...

Love your taste in decor! I can't see the blue crystal knobs up close...if you email me a closeup, I may be able to help. I put crystal knobs on Mia's dresser...found them online.