Saturday, January 10, 2009

Somebody is inky!!!

Yep, not stinky.. inky.

The last two days I have spent on the couch with a pillow over my head. I've been struggling with a cold since the day after Christmas and the fun cold turned into a sinus infection. You know it's bad when I finally go to the doctor about an ailment.

First time I've ever had a sinus infection.

Last time I ever want one.

Sent from Satan himself.

Three complete strangers at the pharmacy told me I looked like death warmed up. No joke.

Yesterday was day two of the "someone is poking my eye socket with a knife" sinus infection so Darin took Adie Grace to the basement to play to give me a break. They came back up a few minutes later after Adie decided to open my black ink and wash her hands with it.

This is after many a washes and its still there. And yes, check out the size of her hands.. Adie and baby girl #2 have inherited daddy's large hands and feet. That's what I get for marrying a football player. Um, a HOT, compassionate, amazing football player so I'm really okay with the big hands and feet.

Oh, and "When did Adie start taking a pacifier?" you are asking. Um, two days ago when her yelling hurt my head so I gave it to her. And she hasn't stopped sucking on it since. A 20 month old that just started to use a paci... I have already lost the 09' mother of the year award.
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Nichole said...

I hope she is not having an identity crisis at 20

Sorry you feel miserable. Hope it goes away got a week girl.

Kat said...

oh no- pregnant and sick! not a good combo :(
and then throw in a toddler, thats the worse! but you almost over it, now you know you can do anything ;)
love that you gave adie the binky and she's already addicted! so funny!

Dina said...

yeah, but she looks super cute with the paci! Hahahaha. good to see you the other night. Love ya

Jenny B in Indy said...

We did the same thing with our son.. Binky at 25 months.. His two year molars started coming in and the binky helps. Only at night though.. No binky during the day.

Never thought we'd give in and do the binky thing.
Oh well, there are worse things..

She is cute with her ink stained hands. Caleb hasn't gotten into my ink yet.. Just buttons (EVERYWHERE!!) and he loves to get my MM paints out and line them up by color :)