Friday, January 23, 2009

Stinky Day

So today has been "one of those days".

Adie decided that she was going to be onery today and advance 4 months and be a terrible two year old. We have been dealing with the issue of playing/touching/eatin/feeding Wrigley his food.
Today she bypassed just touching it and decided to take handfuls and throw his food across the kitchen floor.

And then she got spanked.

Didn't even cry and it should have hurt a little... darn diaper.

Then she proceeded to do it again 2.48 minutes later.

And then she got another spanking and it still didn't phase her.

Then it was time to leave for the dentist and she ran from me when it was coat-putting-on time.
This made me extremely happy.

I drop her off at a friends and get to the dentist where I sit for 25 minutes before they call my name (at least it was 25 minutes of reading a magazine while no one threw puppy chow across the room or ran from me when it's time to put on their coat.)

I told the dentist that my tooth that she was about to fill had been throbbing in pain the last week or so.

She then told me it was in my head.. it wasn't a big cavity at all.

Not kidding when she told me it was "all in my head". Thanks for caring.

And then she started drilling and realized the cavity was super deep and put pain killer inside my roots BEFORE she filled it.

That can't be good.

Then she told me to call her if I wake up at night with sharp pains going thru this tooth.. she is hoping it's not dead because the cavity was THAT deep.


Another $3,000 tooth implant.

I already have one and let me tell you.. next time they implant anything it's gunna be in the Ta-ta area... not another blasted tooth.

Then Adie takes an hour nap (which is usually 2-3 hours) while I am in the middle of painting my new blue in the addition. I proceed to wash out my brushes (which is the worst part about painting) and get changed out of my paint clothes as she is screaming.

As I reach her room and all is silent.

Of course she fell asleep.

Put my painting clothes back on and proceed to paint.

Not perterbed at all.

Of course I first see my nice black shoes on the floor with puppy teeth marks and the bows torn off.

I then spanked the puppy and he spent an hour in his crate.
He didn't cry either.

The last two days that I have painted I have had intermitten back pains.

Um, really hoping they aren't contractions. We are only 24 weeks along. Not good. Don't worry, done painting.

So yeah, I sit down to get a rest before she wakes up again and I have an email from an old youth group leader from HS sitting in my inbox. She had re-read our Christmas letter and just wanted to tell me that she's proud of me and knows that mom would be too.

The email put my day into perspective.

Mom's b-day is Tuesday.. she would have been 57 and her anniversary of being gone is quickly approaching.. she'll have been gone for 6 years at the beginning of March.

Just when the Holy Spirt knows you need some encouragement, He leads someone to lift you up.

God is good.. even when your daughter makes you mad and your puppy chews up your favorite black shoes.

God is good.


Just a quick page I whipped up of Adie's snow experience...
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Stephanie said...

HI Darcy. I found your blog through Kayla Aimee's and have been reading for awhile now. Your honesty and sense of humor always make me smile. I, too, am expecting and due in May. I was wondering where you found the monograms that you are doing over your bed or if you were making them yourself with vinyl and a digital craft cutter. Can't wait to see the new bedroom and the nursery pics!

Shelly said...

Oh...I had to laugh Darcy. Don't hate me because I found humor in your disasterous day. We all have those and today was your lucky day! I am so glad the Lord put someone in your path to encourage you today. That seems always to come at the perfect time too! Oh and I hope you like your new blue! Tomorrow will be a better day and if least Darin will be home to share the work load!!!

Jill H said...

aww, Darcy, sorry about the bad day :( but that is so awesome you were uplifted by the email!!!

love the snow page, very cute title. awesome pages below too :)

Anonymous said...

LOL... I am so glad that someone else has those days, but I'm sorry it was your turn today.
Lindsay B.

Nichole said...

I am glad you can see the good in an aweful day. I will be praying for you that those are just painting cramps. Enjoy the better color.