Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting.. I complained about Darin not having any delays or snow days with our massive dump of snow we've had and he ended up having Friday and Monday off! We finished up the drywall mudding on Friday and painted the room Sat, Sun and Mon. Yesterday Darin had two more places to trim before he was completely finished and I walked into the room and HATED the blue I picked. =/ So, it looks like I will be painting a new color over the blue! It's country blue and I wanted serene blue. =/ It's hideous. Let's just say he wasn't the happiest with me. Then my friend Rachel from college visited today with her hubby and new baby Lauren so I was busy with entertaining today! Had 10 gals over on Saturday for Scrap Day #2! It was a blast and got a whooping 4 pages done. =) I talk too much at these things and ideas just weren't flowing. So yeah, that's why there was a delay in blogage. I'll show you my pages, tho!

Here's a page about Adie's first experience with the tubing hill at Friedenswald over Christmas. Again used the collage function on Picasa. Used KI laser cut paper for what I wanted as "swirls" to mimic movement with tubing and I think it looks more like it should be on water tubing page. Oh well! It's fun and bright so it's staying.

An 8.5x11 of my Adie girl helping me make cookies over Christmas. The background is actually grey and I don't think I've ever done grey before... kinda fun! Grey and blue.. SO NOT LIKE MY USUAL.

The belley. =) We were by a Christmas tree so the page ended up looking like Christmas. It's going in baby JJ's book, tho. (She's currently being called "JJ" because the two names we like both start with "J's". So for now she's baby JJ.)

Oh.. and a page about the massive fit Adie Grace threw after she opened her Christmas gifts. We had the genius idea of letting her open gifts before we left for church and well, she wasn't really up for going to church after she opened all her cool gifts. =/

So yeah, here are some pages! I'll show pictures of the room painted AFTER I change the blue. Seriously, it's bad. =/ But the drywall and chocolate walls looke AMAZING!
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Kat said...

love the pages!!!!!
love that she threw a fit cause she didn't want to leave her toys. believe me, i know what thats like!

Shannon said...

So did you paint the whole ceiling then???

I am already excited about the next scrappin' day :)

Reschedule again...soon?

Nichole said...

Sorry your didn't like the blue. I am glad the rest is moving along nicely. Great pages..