Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zit Cream Master Bedroom

I know.. weird title. But every time I go into our new master bedroom addition it reminds me of 15 year old girl going to bed with zit cream spotted all over her face. =)
No zits here.. just a way cool room taking shape! I think you'll be able to see what each space is better this time than when I showed you pictures of the studs. And things are getting done before schedule because we decided to hire the drywall mudding out. Darin was going to do it but we ran into a friend from our old church that is an amazing drywaller and is currently out of work with the RV industry. So he gave us a great price and we're giving him a job! A win-win.
Ready for the tour?
Really, you have no choice unless you go up to the far right corner of your web browser and X me out. But you wouldn't want to do that, right?
I am standing at the far end of the room looking into the bathroom. You can see my plant shelf much better than when it was just framed. And check out my vaulted ceilings. So, so fun. =)
Next, a view to the tiny hallway going into the dining room. My sister was wondering how we got into our room so this picture is for her. And her adorable niece standing at the gate mad that I'm not letting her in the room.

The only part of the bathroom that has fixtures.. our tub. =) We are doing a tiled surround with a super cool pattern to it.. really excited about that until everyone I've talked to that's had a tiled tub surround has HATED to clean it. Mildew galore. Great.. cleaning bathrooms is my most favorite thing to do too. Oh well.. we're going for style here. Style with a bit o mildew. I'll live.
My happy husband helping drywall mud the closet. My husband staying IN the closet well because he's married to me! No need for closet-coming-out-ness. Okay, that was dorkey..
You get to the closet from the bathroom.. wanted that so that I didn't have as many doors in the main part of our bedroom. OOOooo.. and our closet is in the part of the room where the ceilings are 12 feet so it's sky high. Gunna need a step ladder to reach things or one of those hooks like they have in stores to reach the super high hanging stuff.
This is the window you see when you walk in. It used to be in our dinning room and we just pushed it out. We're green like that. More like cheap but we'll say it's green for bonus points. =) Again you can see the super cool vaulted ceilings. Can you tell I'm a little pumped about them? I LOVE dimension and archictecual stuff. I'm pretty sure I just made that word up because spell check had NO clue what I was talking about.
ANd it's flouresant white out the window because we have about 2 feet of snow. Okay, not quite 2 feet but close. And Darin hasn't even hade a snow delay.. WHAT? We have bedroom additions to work on, FHS!
Below I'm in the corner showing you another angle of the room. Um, I'll stop now because I'm sure this is getting super boring. BUT you haven't X-ed out yet because you too are secretly envious of my plant shelf. I know it. =)

So there we have it! We're hoping to start painting either Sunday or Monday. Have the brown paint (for the bedroom walls) but still haven't gotten the perfect blue (wall behind bed and the bathroom). The goal is to have Adie in her new room (our old room) and in her big girl bed 2 months before Baby Girl H comes. I don't want to throw too much "new" stuff at her at once.

"Adie, go sleep in this new big girl bed without falling out in your new room while you believe that mommy is ignoring you because a new baby is in the house."

We'd like to avoid some of that. =/


And I scrapped last night. A Christmas page. I realized the last few years my pages have not had the traditional green and red combo. Always has some sort of pink. This one has pink sparkly letters.. totally outdid myself this year.

Did collages of pics to get a ton on there to summarize all the places we went.

Even has some dimension to it. =) As shown here.

Thank you for taking our zit cream covered master bedroom tour and for checking out my page. Next time I show you our room it will be PAINTED! Holy cow this is fun. =) If we ever stop buying junk houses and actually build a house I am not going to know what to do with myself. =/


Shannon said...

I love the new room, it looks soooo different from when I stopped by!!

Also, that Christmas page is fab! I got a lot of new goodies for my birthday/Christmas, and can not WAIT until Saturday :)

shiloh said...

Darce, thanks for the tour! Have fun painting:)

Kat said...

awesome room! ic an't wait to see the final product :)
and good call on not introducing too many new things to adie at once! we're trying to get jessica into her big girl bed soon, too

and is that a picasa collage i see? very cool! can't wait to use one on one of my pages

jackie said...

So, I *have* to there a door on this room?

It looks great! I'm so excited for you...always a good feeling to have a new space that is exactly like you want it! :) Enjoy!

Nichole said...

lookin good..can't wait to see the progress. So looking forward to tomorrow.