Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the verdict is???

Pottying in her diaper for a bit longer won.


It's been a long 3 days.
Lot's of tears.. from mommy and Adie both.

We have gone to the potty every 20 minutes for the last 3 days and have only had one accidental success.

Yesterday after nap time she STILL hadn't gone potty in the toilet. All the sudden she says "Poopy!" Which means
a) #1 or #2.. poopy to her is universal word for anything that comes out of the bottom area
b) or she JUST went in her big girl panties
c) or the 1% chance that she's got to go and is telling you to run her to the potty

We were in the 1% this time. I run her to the potty and she starts peeing all over her big girl panties and pants so I plop her on the toilet and she continues to potty in the toilet. Meanwhile she is SCREAMING as I jump up and down cheering her on! I am also laughing my guts out at the drama because trust me.. it was dramatic!! She stands up after she thinks she finished and nope! Still peeing so I plop her back on the toilet where she screams some more. I then tell her that she won the baby bottle and you'd-a-thought there was an off switch to her tears.. she instantly stopped and said,
"baby bottle?"

And then the last day and a half we've tried to go every 20 minutes and STILL have had no potty in the toilet and she screams if her bear bottom gets an inch from the little throne.

So I'm admitting defeat.
Defeat at potty training at 21 months.
She's just not ready.

This is hard for me because I despise loosing and once I say I'm going to do something.. I have a hard time not finishing it out. I'm a bit selfish and wanted to get this over with before baby JJ comes and just thinking about not buying diapers makes me want to do a big ol' pregnant cartwheel.
But I gotta do what's right for her and right now I'm pretty sure she's having nightmares about her little throne and our accidental success episode. And I'm 27 weeks so we've got some time to figure this potty thing out before baby girl gets here which also spares you from seeing my big ol' pregnant cartwheel.

But I did capture some good pictures of the whole ordeal.

This is daddy teaching her how to push out the potty and the poo.
(Disclaimer.. he's not really going himself.. pants are on and the toilet lid is shut.. and this is on Monday BEFORE the accidental success episode when the potty was still kinda cool.)

Below is her trying again.
Clutching the princess crown that aunt Denise sent her for V-day.. Thanks aunt Dee-Dee!
Yes, it's on the same day and a different outfit. She usually averaged about 4 or 5 each day.
I did a lot of laundry already this week. =/

Kayla had an idea to try to put glitter inside the potty and have her try to pee on it.
This is my silly girl saying hello to the glitter in the bottom of the toilet...

"Hi spa-kle!!!"

Ah, defeat.


And in honor of defeat I think we'll make a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow because their paper is 1/2 off.. I will wallow in some cheap cardstock. =)
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michelle t said...

Darcy, go easy on yourself. It's not defeat. And we've all tried it early with our firstborns. Hang in there!

Ellemieke said...

Hang in there, Darcy! I also think she is not ready for it, just give it some time.
With Lisanne I started potty-training when she was about 2 yrs and 8 months and Lieke is that same age now, but absolutely not ready for it, so with her I wait a little while.
But, your pics are hilarious, especially the one with the two of them trying to push....

Nichole said...

it is not defeat it is the first try...mommy was ready this time and maybe adie will be ready next time. Hang in there will happen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the disappointment, hopefully there will be better success the next time you try. I heard that if the potty chair is left out, so the child can get used to it and sit on it with their clothes on, that they should feel more comfortable with it then when you try to potty train. Maybe that will work in Addie's case. I think it should be easier the second time, as you will have a better idea of what to expect as will Addie, and she will be a little older. We will wait for the blogs when you try again!:) Emily R

Shannon said...

Don't get discouraged. Believe me, it really happens when they are ready. One thing I have been doing with Sam is just sitting her on it everytime I change her diaper. That way it's a slow transition.
Now I am on to full fledge potty training boot camp. But remember she is over 2 and 1/2.

I had 2 in diapers, it's really not that bad :)

traceyblevins said...

I truly believe potty-training is the hardest thing about being a parent! Hang in there! Adie is still pretty young and she will do it when she's ready. It is so frustrating though when you're ready for something to happen and they're not! I'm right there with you. Landon wasn't ready until he was 2 1/2 (well, more like 2 3/4...ha!)

sarah said...

try not to beat yourself up, my three have all potty trained way past 2. Mostly nearing 3 or just past 2 1/2 and the quickest to get it was the one who was three months from her third birthday, she had it in a day. You will get there....

Mo said...

hi there. I found you by blog jumping from a blog to another blog during my sons nap time :) hope you don't mind. Good try with the potty training. We're not there yet, but i can imagine the patience it would take! That first picture was classic :) You're family is beautiful.

Elaine said...

Sorry it didn't work out so well. We thought we were going to start with Amaya (I think she is just 2 weeks older than Adie) in Jan. but still haven't. She's just now starting to even be interested in sitting on the potty - with no success but she does like to use the toilet paper like "Mommy." We had baby #2 just three weeks ago so I'm just having fun with it now. By the way, great pics. You have a great eye for detail.

Anonymous said...

I know this time can be very frustrating, hence my daughter didn't sucessfully get it whooped until closer to 3. However, I tried a tip from a friend, which I swore wouldn't work..... It was the miracle to end all miracles. I put my little one on the big people potty and her doll on her little potty. I had previously filled a syringe with water and told her she needed to show her baby how to go potty. When she was going and not looking at her doll, I squirted the water in the toilet. She thought it was so great and they went together the rest of the day. Its just something you might try since Addie loves her doll too. Hopefully, it may help.

Anonymous said...

Don't get discouraged. My oldest potty trained good, but my next one she was 2 1/2 before she even was slightly ready. She would not set on a potty chair because she had a similar accident to Adie's and it terrified her of her little potty, but once I started putting her on the big potty she liked that. I have heard of the baby doll thing as well. One of my friends done it and it worked great.

Erin said...

It's okay Darce! If she's not ready, she's not ready. It's best for all of you to wait until she is. When she's ready, it'll be so much easier - you'll be amazed!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Darcy, my 32 month old (boy) STILL isn't ready! Never in my life did I ever think I'd have an almost three year old NOT potty trained but, he really wants nothing to do with it. He'll sit on the pot for several minutes and I always have hope but, nothing. Then ten mins later he'll poo in his diaper.

So I understand your frustration.
It'll happen.. In her time.
She'll let you know when she's ready.
I know it's hard to come to terms with that, I know, trust me.
I want Caleb in Preschool this Fall but he can't go unless he's potty trained so, I feel like I need to push him but, that will only make it worse.
Anyway, just sharing my experience.
You aren't the only one.. LOL

Hang in there :)