Monday, February 09, 2009

It's my potty and I'll cry if I want to!

Welp, it's "P" Day.. potty day.

Adie slept in until 8am and from that moment, the fun began! I prayed for patience this morning and read on.. totally regret it.

I'll do a time recap for you to follow along:

8am: She is super happy about her big girl panties. Wriggley is even on board with "P" Day.

8:10 Breakfast.. along with a sippy of strawberry-cherry juice (a big deal to her) and water with lots of "i-shhh" (ice). We're gunna fill that tiny bladder up with things to excrete. Excrete in the toliet preferably.

8:20am our first alarm goes off so we sit on the potty! This is when I tell her about the treat basket where the coveted baby bottle with milk that dissapears lies. She tries to go potty but nothing comes out. Give her a sweet-tart heart for trying. (Mommy eats a sweet-tart heart for baby JJ.. she's been a good girl too)

8:40am Alarm goes off again. We run and jump to the potty where Adie points at the baby bottle and I explain the whole potty in the toliet process again. No potty. Adie gets another sweet-tart heart for trying. (And of course so does baby JJ too.. we gotta be fair, right?)

8:43am Mommy pushes MORE liquids because I'm pretty sure Adie is like a camel and never pees. So I make her some of aunt Liz's friendship tea lukewarm and stick it in a sippy. She totally sucks it down.

9:10am Alarm goes off and we jump and hollar towards the potty again!
No potty.
So I decide to take my shower. When I am shampooing my hair I hear her scoot her potty chair over to the vanity to climb up on it to reach the beloved baby bottle.
She falls.
Is screaming while I'm not even at the rinse cycle of shampooing my hair.
By the time I got out I have a very upset daughter sitting in her own urine. A puddle of it, mind you.

9:30am-12pm Let's just say the cyle was pretty predictable. We tried to go potty every 20 minutes and 2 minutes AFTER we tried (with no success) she pottied on herself.
Oh, and there was one turd in there too.
She told me AFTER she pooped that she needed to poop.
Here's the proof...

She is also VERY ANGRY that the baby bottle is still not hers. Baby even showed her how to go potty in the toliet (with my help in pouring a cup of water in the toliet) and won the baby bottle.

Now Adie won't play with baby because she's so jealous. Bad call on my part.

2:16pm Blogging to you all about our potty woahs. I have never been so happy to put a diaper on the girl and stick her in her crib for nap time. We both needed a potty break.

Here's the coveted bottle....

I hope she wins it soon. Not just because I'm tired of cleaning up pee and changing her into dry clothes.. but I'm just really hoping she's old enough to understand what's going on and I'm not trying too early.

Ah.. we will press on with our potty goal.. striving onward to urniate and deficate in the toliet.

I should have never prayed for patience this morning. =/
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Erin said...

(disclaimer: not an expert, this is just my opinion) She's 22 months tomorrow, right? Emma's potty trained now, and she'll be 3 on Sunday. The earliest toddler I personally know that was potty trained was 30 months. Does she hold it in during the night? Does she tell you when she has to go? Does she tell you when she's already gone? Does she hate sitting in her diaper when it's dirty. I think those are signs she's ready. We tried with Emma before now, but she was never into it. She'd go every once in a while but that was it. Then near the end of November she randomly decided she wanted to pee in the potty. After that she was peeing all the time. Pooping was another story. It wasn't until the middle of January before she was doing that regularly. She's been in her undies for a few weeks now and loves them. :) My friend whose daughter was potty trained at 30 weeks did the potty training bootcamp over a weekend and it worked for her. But she said it was hard. Lilke pulling out hair and crying hard. That just isn't for me. So we just let it happen in it's own time. I knew when Emma was ready she'd do it and she did and it was really easy. But only you know you child and if she's ready or not. Be ready to know where every bathroom in every store and restaurant is! When they have to go, they've got to go NOW! :

(PS, sorry for the novel, maybe I just should've emailed or called you. hee hee)

Kat said...

it'll get easier, i promise! you need to give it the full 3 days, or even a week sometimes, but it will get easier!
and those pictures are so cute. in a few months you'll be re-reading this blog and laughing about it (i know this from experience!!!)

Cheryl said...

This may sound a little crazy, but when I trained my daughter at 22 months, we used the farmers almanac. If you google "farmers alamanac potty training" it will tell you the 2 best days each month that are the best days to start. It took 2 days of not really even trying on my part and my little angel was trained! My sister in law did the same thing with my nephew, and he was by far the easiest to train out of the 5 kids that she has.

Mary said...

Hi Darcy - I'm Erin's friend who did potty boot camp. I like reading your blog, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents!
My daughter was ready just before she was 2-1/2. She pretty much was dry every morning, had gone pee on the potty a few times like 2 months earlier and was very verbal. We did the boot camp - go every 15 minutes for the whole weekend (starting Friday night after work) and it REALLY sucked, but by the first Wednesday (5 days later) it was done and she was fully trained. We still had to remind her like once an hour for the next couple weeks, but then it was done, done. We had a regress period about 5 months after that lasted a few days, but that's it. So far, since June, she's only wet the bed twice and both nights she had woken up through the night and I didn't make her go. I say if you really think she's ready and want to do the boot camp deal - STICK to it. If you back down now, you'll just have to go through it again when you try over. If she's not ready, then hold off until she is if you can. Anyway, good luck!!

jackie said...

Hang in there Darcy! I totally wish I had been blogging when Claire was potty training for the first post would have looked EXACTLY like yours! No joke.

I was totally pumping the fluids the first day with Claire too (which I gave up). I felt like she couldn't control her potty because she wasn't used to having that much liquid in her system. Even I feel like I'm going to pee myself when I drink way more than I'm used to drinking!! :)

Anyway, do what works for you guys and don't stress out about it. One of our favorite sayings is this: If she's still not (insert thing you want your child to do) by the time she's in Kindergarten, we'll think there's a problem! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Darcy,
We started potty training Jaydon on Saturday morning. He actually has been doing very well as long as he has nothing on his bottom half. He has been telling me when he needs to go, and then going in the toilet...even pooped for the first time today. However when I try to put him in underwear, then he pees himself, or if I make him sit on the toilet, then he wants to take the underwear completely off. So I have to figure out a way to get him to not go in his underwear and to not have to take his underwear completely off when he goes. I am not writing this to rub it in by any means. Wesley just got potty trained in October and he is 3 and 1/2 now. I say keep at it for awhile longer and see if she starts to get the idea. If she doesn't, then maybe wait a couple months or so...or you could try letting her run around with nothing on and see what happens! :)
If you have any tips for my situation with Jaydon, you can let me know. I'm happy for any advice I can get too. Hopefully tomorrow will go better. Emily

Stephanie said...

Like you want more "2-cents". I, honestly, wouldn't worry about it. At Charlie and Aurora's pre-school, almost all of the kids don't get potty trained until around 2 1/2. That seems to be the easiest time to do it. They're more capable of understanding the whole concept and it's easier to explain things. I know that you probably want it taken care of before the baby gets here, but it might just cause you more heartache. You'll probably have a lot more cleaning up pee and poop spots than if you just wait. Especially if she isn't showing a lot of the signs listed in "comment #1". Just know that it is TOTALLY OKAY if she isn't potty trained until later. I admit I tried early with Charlie, but I gave up(yes, boys are different). My point is, it was just stressing me out way too much and he wasn't getting it, so I waited until he showed more signs. He wasn't potty trained until right after he turned 3, and Aurora was potty trained around 2 1/2. So, in the end, you have to decide what to do. Just don't stress yourself out too much. It won't be good for you OR the baby.

"Love the life you have." said...

I had my girls potty trained at 15 months and 18 months so no its no to early. With Alyssa it was really easy she was all about. She wanted her Dad to do it more then me. We think that maybe it was because he was gone all day and wanted time with him. But they both weren't potty trained through the night until they were 2.
With Chastity she wanted me to do and dad both. I didn't push them to drink. And yes there were peeing in our pants and other but it just takes time. She'll get the hang of it. Good luck today.

Amy and Scott said... amaze me at your awesome planning / ability to schedule everything in mommy-ness...even potty training! I think the bribing thing is the best technique! If my mom dangled a Barbie (or piece of candy) in front of me when I was a kiddo, I jumped! Hang in there...she'll pick it up. :)