Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday Buddie

We welcomed a new member of the family Tuesday, on Darin's birthday!

This is our new nephew, Zeke Abram!!!!

Ever since we found out his due date 9 months ago.. Darin was hoping he'd be born on his 30th birthday. He was due today (the 26th) but decided to come 2 days early (Thank you Lord, right Liz?!?!?)

Here's mommy and the new baby...

And Chloe Jem and her new baby brother...

And uncle Darin and his birthday buddy!

Welcome to the world, baby Zeke!!! We love you already!!!
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Linz said...

Aw he's so handsome! That's so cool they share bdays too:)

Kathy said...

Great picture, Darcy! Thanks for capturing our little guy so beautifully!
Excited to be his GRANDMA - Kathy

Tracey Blevins said...

Congratulations on your new nephew! That's so exciting he shares a b-day with his uncle too!

Jewel said...

Yeah, for the arrival of Zeke. He's so adorable! You think he'll ever make it to MOTTTs? :)