Saturday, February 28, 2009

What not to do when throwing a 30th surpise birthday party


Friday night I threw Darin a surprise birthday party.

He acted pretty surprised.. but I just wanted to share with you rules on what not to do when you are planning a surprise birthday party for your husband. Because he knew about the party. I THOUGHT he was clueless... um, I was the clueless one!

Rule #1 - DON'T get a phone call from your mother in law who is trying to talk in code because your birthday boy husband is standing within ear distance and after you get off the phone with her TELL HIM HOW YOUR MOTHER IN LAW IS SPEAKING IN CODE ABOUT SOMETHING AND YOU SINCERELY HAD NO CLUE WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. Little do you know that your pregnant fried brain can't think of what she's talking about when she says
"is Darin around?"
"I was wondering about numbers but will talk to you later about that".
Seriously had no clue what she was talking about. So I told Darin I was confused. And um, Darin was ready to clue me in that his mom was talking about his surprise party that he was supposed to not know about. =/

Rule #21 - DON'T freak out at the last minute and go but an extra 5 gallon tub of ice cream. And 4 extra Sprites for the punch when you only used one liter. Total. Um, anyone want to come over for some ice cream and Sprite?

Rule #37 - DON'T talk to your college friend who has AN AMAZING GIFT planned for her husband's 30th and tell your husband,
"Uh. I'm sorry. I don't have that much planned for your birthday!"
He kinda caught on that I had something planned but nothing like *let's say* a new car like she does. (she's not getting him a car, but it's pretty darn close! She doesn't have a home puter so she doesn't read.. not giving anything away here.)

Rule #43 - DON'T be wearing make-up and actual jeans (not sweats) when your husband comes home on a Friday night when he knows he's going out with his buds and assuming you are staying home for the night. Um, I'm ALWAYS in my sweats when he comes home because yeah, they are what fit best right now with this pot belly. I should have had the homely look I've been sporting here lately so he wouldn't wonder why I actually looked presentable on a Friday night at home. With a clean house. Oh yeah, don't have a spotless house when baby dolls and strollers usually grace the space. =/

Rule #51 - DO have your husband's best friend from college that he hasn't seen since our wedding 4 years ago come all the way from Indy to the party. Do, do that. Because the look on your husband's face will be priceless. =)
Rule #69 - DO have a "Who knows Darin best?" quiz that embarasses your husband in front of his grandma's and mother. Include questions like:
"How many girls did Darin kiss on the 1997 weekend youth trip?"
And don't let your husband lie and say it was only 2 girls when it was really 3. Lying in front of your grandma's and mom is not cool.

It really was fun. =) And he enjoyed it a ton. It was totally fun to plan but seriously, does anyone want to come over for ice cream and Sprite?
Happy Birthday week, babe!
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Jeni said...

Surprise parties are SO fun! I have my fair shares of do's and don't when i did my parents 25th anniversary party. Sounds like the party turned out nice though!

Heather said...

Sounds like a fun party. The quiz was a great idea.

Nichole said...

Sounds like he still enjoyed it all and that is what counts right. He is lucky his prego wife remembered it was his

For a while there the only things I could eat were ice cream and sprite. It was a pretty good weight loss plan for a while...when you added puking on top of it.

Jen Allen said...

I'm sure that your lack of sneakiness in the end didn't affect the fun factor one bit : ) Sounds like a great party and I'm sure that he was astounded to see his friend that he hasn't seen in four years!!

Jill H said...

aww, Darcy, too bad he caught on! he sure looks surprised in that picture though!!! how awesome that your new nephew was born on his b-day.

Susan said...

yayyyyyyyyy! happy bday darin! im so glad the party was fun... :)

Jewel said...

Well no matter what sounds like your party was a success. As long as Darin had fun, that's what counted! And you! :) Oooh, I would love to come over for ice-cream & Sprite!