Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A ton of nothing...

Thank you guys so much for all your money saving tips! I hope you came back and read some of the comments because there are a TON of good ideas in there! You guys never let me down.. and that post produced some opportunities for us as well! I have a new scrapbooking job making pages for Darin's cousin (Hi Lisa!) and I got asked to judge the scrapbooking 4-H projects at the fair this summer! Looks like she even wants to pay me a bit.. um, totally would have done it for free! Shoot.. probably shouldn't have said that but yeah, sign me up!

Anywho.. thought I would do a post about random things that are going on at the Holsopple household currently. Lots of nothing... as the title states =)

Adie and I babysat Mr. Kahler the last two Monday's for my friend Lindsay. We had SO much fun! He's almost 5 months old and such a fun baby. And it was good practice for bringing baby JJ into the family as well.

She mimiced everything mommy did. After I fed "Kay-lo" his bottle I would burp him. Adie would feed her baby a bottle and then ran to Wrigley and burped him. Wrigley was a tad confused on why he was getting smacked in the back but Adie was so proud. Such a little helper.

We are starting to potty train next week. Yep, scheduled 3 days where we aren't going anywhere. So today we went shopping so that we don't get stir crazy next week when we are on house (potty) arrest. Went to Hobby Lobby, Pages in Time and Target. Adie did SO well.. my baby is growing up and has been shopping so well! She didn't even get embarassed when her mother accidently set off the (obnoxious Honda) car alarm in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Twice. On the wa y into the store and on the way out. =/

Last night we went grocery shopping and daddy came so we divided and conquered the shopping list. His list included picking out big girl panties for Adie. I was finished shopping for the groceries and went to the little girl undie section to find them. I walk up without them noticing and heard their conversation... Darin was trying to talk Adie into the Disney Princess panties and she wanted the Walmart kind that had soccers and cheer stuff on them. I wished SO BAD I would have had my camera. In fact, we may go back and stage the whole thing WITH the camera because it was that hilarious. Big ol' hot, hunky, big wig coach Darin talking his baby girl into Disney Princess panties. Priceless. She wanted the soccer and cheer ones because it came with a free pencil case. (Yes.. she's her mother's child.. wants free things to be included with purchase.) She was SO into her new panties that she held them the whole way to the cashier, handed them to her and the cashier gave them right back. Just like a kid with candy. Nope, my girl loves her panties with a free pencil case. (Let's pray this is an indication of how WELL our potty training is going to go!)

Today when I was gchatting with Kayla Miss Adie pulled her stool over to the countertop and grabbed the cookies. I like to think she's the smartest little problem solver there is but I'm pretty sure she just wanted the cookies. And here Wrigley is mooning you with his swirl butt. The fur on his hind legs swirls and they look like eye balls and his pooper looks like the mouth. Isnt' that funny? Or am I just really sick? Anyway, my Adie is a cookie genius.

Tonight after dinner Adie climbed up on her belly onto a bar stool where she let out the LOUDEST fart of hers to date. Like my dad and brother would be incredibly proud! I think bathroom humor is just about the most hilarious thing so I start laughing and Adie looks up at me all proud and says,
"I toot!"
I don't know what I was more proud of.. the rictor scale toot or the amazing language she used. Total toss up.

Having Kahler here brought out a ton of baby stuff from basement storage. Adie cried today when I put the swing away.. this is what she's been doing the last week with the swing...

see baby in there? That is one privledged nakid baby doll!

And Adie couldn't resist getting in the excersaucer. I was scrapping today and heard her say..
"mommy... F%*@!"

And I realized that my 21 month old wasn't dropping the F-bomb at me.. she was "STUCK".
Um, we're going to work on the "ST" sound. =/
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The Haughs said...

As a speech therapist, I just have to tell you that it is totally fine that she can't say the /st/ sound yet. :) But given that she says /f/ for /st/ - - - you may just wanna get started on it. :)

Love all of your stories, by the way. . . and maybe Darin can get the princess panties soon because you'll need lots of them. . . :) GOOD LUCK!

Half Pint said...

Good luck with the potty training! I have to chuckle because I also would take a picture of Alexander in a sticky situation (non-life threatening) before getting him out : )

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up Darcy! This is one of your best posts ever. I can totally see Wrigley's butt face! And Adie's ST/F sound thing is funny too. When my little brother was a baby he would replace TR with F. It wasn't that big a deal until he started going to a babysitter who's husband was a truck driver. James thought the guy was the coolest ever and would always say things like, "Dale has a big truck (with an F). He's a trucker (with an F). Keep on truckin' (with an F)!" My mother was always mortified!

Kat said...

oh my goodness- i totally laughed out loud at the "stuck" incident. jessica has that problem with sit. she adds an "h" to that one.....

and so great she's excited about the panties! thats def a good sign ;) (ps, be sure you got more than one pack, unless you want to be doing laundry twice a day!)

Nichole said...

that is funny...we were going to pages yesterday too...but Jackson fell asleep. Glad the baby watching went well.

LOL...at the working on "St" story...too funny. wait til she trys to say firecracker the first time. You can see where this might go I am sure.

Linz said...

Thanks SO much again for takin' care of my baby boy for me! It was MUCH apreciated! And I'm so glad Miss Adie got her practice with baby help! She's going to be such a great big sis!

And definitely had me laughing to tears at the end there with her oops word:) Totally caught off guard for a sec!

Good luck on potty-training!!

Shannon said...

Hahahah thank you so much for the laugh today, I really needed it! I am going to do the potty training here in 2 weeks, we should just do it together and have a potty boot camp.